The Curvy Girls Best Friend!

Well yes, one of my most favorite things in the entire world are dog's. More specifically.... MY DOGS! Perfect in every way. Never bark, perfectly trained. And that's all a big lie.  Let's be honest, they are adorable but a bit yappy, my boy dog nips at other dogs and howls on walks. But they are loyal, loving and think I'm the best thing ever, even after I sweat at the gym. Leading me to my other favorite thing.....Working out! I looked high and low for a cute gym top that can get me thru an intense work-out like Boot-camp or Spin and also cover all the belly and arm excess and boob'ige. Old Navy did a good one here!


It's called the "Relaxed Side-Tie Top for Women" and comes in a couple different colors. I picked Heather Grey and Light Pink for myself.  I'm waering a Medium.


I love the side tie and how it adds interest. Also the bigger neck is so great, I can show off my wide workout bra-top to bring the eye up.


It's all about color and fun. I always keep my pants very simple so it draws the eye up and away from my bigger bottom half.


Watch for the Old Navy sales as these shirts are sure to go on sale, unless they sell out. Although $12 is already a great deal. I'm off to clean my little dirty pack. They dug a nice little hole out back and got all dirty...and they are still perfect and adorable. Make it a great one gang.

Thanks for stoping by ~ 

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Stress Eating and Working-out!

We made it! The Holidays were so awesome this year. We had so much fun with family and friends....but now it's all over and we start it all over again. As most of you know, I love to work-out. I am one of those rare breeds who can't let 3 days go by without getting a good sweat the gym people! (Let's try to keep this clean...try) My oldest moved out over the weekend and even though my hubby and I are extremely excited for him (and he's 6 miles away)......we are sad also. I went into his empty room and cried (Yes, I was holding paint swatches and Pottery Barn pics) but still. So I went to the gym and ran my little (very cushioned) rear end off. It soooo helped. That night I ate a bag of chips. Don't judge. They were Hickory Smoked BBQ Ruffles....finger likin' good. So there you have it, dissect away....I eat salt when I am upset (not a Chocolate fan, sorry). So to re-cap: I workout to feel great and then sooth my bad or uncomfortable feelings with food. #Honesty

So today I bring you an adorable outfit to wear to the gym, and then out for running errands and maybe Brunch afterwards? (See the patern?)


These ASICS GEL-Contend 4 Women's Running Shoes are so comfortable and have a large toe area for those of us fighting the "Bunion Monster. "They have a gel sole and are light weight. This Nike v-neck keeps me covered although it's a little long on me, so I tend to bunch it up around my belly without even realizing it. And there is a plethera of colors to pick from. Covers the girl's and the upper arm's. Yay! 


Because we all stand in the park and excercise while someone is shooting us! 

IMG_0250 (7).JPG

This is literally what I wear for hours after the gym. Although I wear a cap, see below. This asymmetrical long sleeve top is cute, comfortable, easy to wash and under $40. Win, Win, Win. It's a nice change from a regular zip-up Jacket. Wayyyy cuter! I wear a hat to the gym always, and since one of my very stylish friend's (Hi Allie) bought me a cute Cap, that's almost all I wear now. They're a nod to the military style hat, but the camo has turned into sweat wicking material. #bestfriend


Here it jam!! This is called "Cork about Town!" Hope your enjoying my opening up a bit more? Some of you had asked for some "open crazy" along with fashion...OK sounds fun. I'm in.

Have a great rest of your short week gang ~ Thanks for stopping by ~

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Fit, Fun, Friday #3

Love working my leg's! They are strong and carry most of my weight so we have a love hate relationship. I love to beat the crap out of them by working out hard and being sore the next day, and they love to retain my salt and water. This moves helps me tremendously, take that thick thigh's!  

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Okay, are you ready? No weights needed today. Tennis shoes and cute work-out clothes? Here we go....


You can place your hands on your hips, I like to put mine in prayer hands....I have no idea why...It's just comfortable for me. Feet should be hip width apart (feet are under each hip bone) Next, bend your knees a bit, relax your shoulders, chest out.

Beginners will lift the left leg a bit off the ground (See left pic), Intermediate is higher off the ground (See middle pic), and Advanced is high off the ground (See right pic) In this position you will pulse up and down slowly 5 to 10 times. A pulse is a small lift (up and down) and after about 5 times your muscles may begin to fire up....yeah! 


Back to the beginning. Reset, shake out your legs if needed. Deep breath...exhale....

Other side!!!


Now do them in the front....


And behind you!


Did those little pulses catch up to you? Feel anything? Work your way up to 30 to 50 per position and move between them without stopping.....Awaken that stubborn thigh fat and blast it! Hope you enjoy this fun and intense move, have a wonderful weekend! 

**Always check with your doctor before physical activity

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Keeping It Real And Casual

I love me some casual gear! I am a run around town in workout clothes, kind of gal, and this my a step up. A cotton/fleece skirt (like a sweatshirt) an Adidas zip-up Jacket, A fitted white T-shirt with longer sleeves and Adidas casual sneaks. Let's break it down ~ 


My skirt is a looser fit so I kept my T-shirt more fitted so I don't look heavier than I actually am. The idea is to work with what you have and I happen to have a little waist. so I try to accentuate it!


OMG! Have you ever tried these Nike flip flops??? They are "Comfort Thong Flip Flop's" and they are like walking on little clouds, yes I have walked on a cloud. They have a memory foam foot-bed that cradles your feet. Yep! All kinds of comfort and love in every step are happening on these little feet! 


I always, always, always wear a white or cream tank under my white t-shirts. Even If I'm in a hurry. I think it looks so much cleaner and me, no-one want's to see my bra! Well except the hubby of course!


When I'm going around town doing my errands, I take my gym bag so I can shove my purchases in it. I often forget to bring my own bags into the store and I usually carry a cross body bag that's way to small, so this Adidas bag works great. How do you run errands? In a Ball Gown? Jeans? Hair up? No Makeup? Whatever you do, I'm sure you look great!

Have a wounderful week and thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Fit Fun Friday #2

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I'm all my fitness glory! Were you sore last week? That was one of my favorites. Now let's do some ab work.....

You can use a milk carton filled with water, a ball, a bat, a rock or if you have it...a weight?

Beginners: Feet are planted firmly on the ground

Intermediate & Advanced: Feet are in a bridge


Feet on ground


Feet in bridge (and crazy eyes)


Let's scoop that over to the left, keep that back straight, shoulders down and relaxed

My feet will go up and down while I show you the move but yours need to stay up or down.


Back to center


If your Intermediate or Advanced you should have those feet up in a bridge this whole time :)


Scoop on over to the right


Back to center, and keep going.......


Perfecto! Hold that core in and don't forget to breath...... Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by ~ 

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******Always check with your doctor before attempting these moves.

Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photography


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Thanks for stopping by for the first... Fit Fun Friday! I'm so excited your here to get a little sweat on...or just be entertained. As with any exercise, please check with your doctor first.  Lets get started.... If you do not have a weight, use a basketball, weighted ball, leg weights....or nothing at all! Let's go ~ 


Right leg up, hands in front with weight or no weight


Right leg kicks back behind left leg like your curtsying. Twist your torso, (engaging your abs) and beginners stop here. (Don't go any lower)


Intermediate to Advanced curtsy lower and bring that weight, or your hands, low to the ground.


Everyone begin to swing the arms up and over to the right and come out of your curtsy.....


Hands begin to go up and over your head in a fluid motion


Making a big circle with your arms....


Lifting the left leg...we are headed to the other side


Take left leg and begin to go into your curtsy with hands out in front, beginners stop here.


Intermediate to Advanced sink into that curtsy and hands go low.


Now reverse it and do it again....that's 1! 

Once you get the hang of it you just keep moving from side to side in a continues motion. Remember to breath! 

Beginners: Take it slow, don't go to deep into the curtsy. Maybe no weights but hands out front. Maybe 4 then a break. Then another 4???

Intermediate: Try a weight, speed it up a bit. Maybe 4 slow then 4 faster??

Advanced: Try it super fast with no weight ....then add weights. Maybe 4 slow then 8 fast??



You guys rock! Love the enthusiasm. You get a big high five just for stopping by and a fist pump and high five If you tried the move. Remember to check with your doctor first.

I hope your sore!! I love to be sore!! Have a great weekend ~

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Workout Extravaganza!

You all have heard me rattle on about how much I love to work out...I really do! And If I don't....crabby pants. It's bad. But with these thick thighs and a curvy figure I'm not one to show a lot of skin. I wear tank tops only if I'm taking a spin class, running outside or doing an outdoor class. Otherwise I stick to boxy t-shirts. Here ya go, a little skin ~


This tank from Patagonia is great because it's a much looser fit. I'm wearing a Medium so that I have room to breath and move around without looking 4 months pregnant. (I'm not, but that movie popcorn was really good) :) I like the Sports Bras from Express because they have more coverage in front. I want the side boob and cleavage out of site!!!!! 

See you can really move in this baby and everything is still covered up! I had to show you.


This cracks me up...I was stretching my neck...and I'm missing an arm...LOL!


And...action shot! This adorable sweat jacket, sweat cardigan, yoga jacket?? Not sure what you call it, but I call it all kinds of cute. I love to wear this to the gym and afterwards to run my errands. I wear Brooks Shoes to work out in. My Foot Doc says they are very good shoes if you are foot challenged. That's me: Height and Foot Challenged. Sigh.


And yes I wear make-up to work-out in...NOT! It's all for you. No makeup, hair buns and a hat are really what happens. 

I have had some requests for a workout series, and I aim to please, so I'm happy to announce:

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Fit Fun Friday

I have taught Fitness Classes for 15 years, I have ton's of fun moves that you may like to incorporate into your: already intense? non-extant? moving a little bit? just getting back into the swing of things? Like to watch me make a fool of myself? Workout! I will show you one move each Friday and maybe over the weekend you can try it? Sound fun? I'm excited....Check back on Friday.......

Thanks for stopping by ~ 

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The Workout and the Wave's

Yep, you are looking at one beautiful, golden, little stretch of heaven! NO NOT ME! (But I'll take it if that's what you thought) HA! We are talking about a little cove in Pismo Beach, California. You take a giant staircase down a cliff-side to get to it. What a great spot to shoot some work-out wear. Let's do this ~ 

Now, I would like you to know that I worked out before these shots so I am red and sweaty with no make-up. This is actually when I am most comfortable. I'm not sure the people at all the places I go to after the gym would agree, but who cares! This bitch worked out! Woop, Woop! I love my Brooks Ghost 9 Women's Running Shoes! They are a little expensive at $89.95, but they are comfortable, and my Foot Doctor recommends them for people with foot issues. Hand in the air, that's me! I thought I would really love this Workout Loose Fitting Tank but I don't think it's that flattering on me. A little to boxy or big? 

I wear this Adidas Original Track Jacket from Macy's to much! Adidas fits me great and I think it's worth the money because they are so well made. I wear this Green Cadet Cap to the gym all the time and get all kinds of compliments on it.

Did you think I would leave out an opportunity to at least try to leap? These  Reebok Workout-ready Cropped Leggings at Macy's are for $24.99!! They are the perfect length and hold everything in place....even in flight....

OMG, these shirts Women's Tek Gear Easy Burnout V-Neck from Khol's are only $7.99 and come in 21 colors!! They are comfortable, shear and flattering. Similar hat (not with sweat on it)

So, we were away for the weekend, and I usually wear my hair in two buns or pigtails (yes I'm 6 years old) sticking out of my hat when I workout. This way my shoulder'ish length hair stays out of my face. As prepared as I thought I was....I forgot the hair ties. LOOK AT THE CRAZY HAIR in these pictures. That is true sweat, salt and friz hair!

This hoodie is super soft and I love the light Grey color. Its the Women's Tek Gear High-Low Fleece Hoodie on Clearance for $13.20 at Khol's.

There I am. I had to be coaxed into this picture...crazy hair and all. 

June 2017 030.JPG

Sometimes in Spin Class I turn my hat around like a guy. I don't even realize I am doing it. You have to have a long sleeve option for out-door workouts. This Women's RBX Long Sleeve Space-Dyed Tee in Wild Strawberry for $48 from Khol's works great! 

Puffer vests are so versatile, they can be worn with work-out wear, a dress, jeans, get the point. Similar J Crew Puffer Vest

I wear a size 5 1/2 on my little tinny feet and I like the "no show" socks from Big 5.

These are some serious stairs with a very serious cliff-side! Fun to run up with a great view.

Look at that view behind me. Amazing! 

And this is why I am curvy! I actually do not eat giant Cinnamon Rolls very often...but when you are in Pismo Beach you have to go to the "Old Cinnamon Bun Company" near the pier and indulge. And I did! 

Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki


Pictures by Country Side Studio

Workout Wear

As you may already know.....I love to work out! If I don't leave that gym drenched, I have not done my job. Cray Cray? Yep! Well you also know I am not a big fan of my arms so when I look for active wear I like to be cute (ALWAYS) comfortable (IT HELPS) and covered up somewhat. Under Armour is a big favorite of mine with the "heat gear" line, and prices that I find to be reasonable. The pants are mid-rise which is very good if you carry a little extra in the back and they have the "Signature Moisture Transport System" that keeps you dry - therefore when I go to run errands after the gym I'm not to offensive looking. This jacket is so great for working out in with it's thumb holes to keep it in place, also it's great to wear before and after the gym. I love the big collar neck and the lightweight but warm feel of it. Mine is a Under Armour that I bought at Marshalls but I found a similar one for you in the link from Target. And to top it all off I have my Nike running sneeks. Cute and colorful but easy on the tootsies. What do you wear to work-out in? I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki