Knee High Boots and the Curvy Girl

OK let's get real for a quick sec.....when you are vertically challenged, have thicker calf's and thighs, the Boot situation can be a serious struggle! Have you tried to buy "Thigh-high Boot's" - Um, let's just say that you have to do some extra shaving since the Boot's are going to end up in your crotch. Sooooo, I stick to "Knee-high Boot's" in regular size, not Petite, because they actually end up at my thighs. Now onto the next challenge: stuffing Jeans into the Boot's. I got ya' here. I pull the Jeans all the way down so the bulk is in the shoe portion of the Boot, not the calf. If the Boot's are tight I do not add bulk by wearing high room to spare!  


I'm sure in my younger days that my skirt may have been a little shorter but I carry a lot of my weight in my thighs, and my knees can be not so pretty. So this flip skirt is perfect since it just hits me just above the knee, the knee high Boot's are above the knee so there is just a little bit of skin. 


Who doesn't love a good Utility Jacket to carry us into Spring? Lightweight and comfortable AND covers the extra areas that may have a little extra Winter padding on them. #sunflowerseeds


Yes, the Prepster is alive and well. Although I do look a bit like I might ride a horse also. Shall we call it: "Prepster Equestrian?"  My Ralph Lauren shirt is from the kids department at Marshalls, I linked the Man's version below. Kids department is great when your little BTW.

These are comfortable Cords (Cords are a great alternative to Jeans) and there was much tucking involved. I shoved the extra material from the pant's down into the foot area and zipped these babies up. Topped it all off with a wide Belt to nip in at the waist.


These are key pieces for your wardrobe: A Utility Jacket, Knee-high Boot's and colored Cords. Every curvy girl need's um'.

If you read my post from last week, we topped everything off with a small electrical fire in the Kitchen....but everyone is safe and everything has been fixed. Not sure why everything decided to break, blow-up and stop working at the same time.....Well it's so true that what you think may break you only makes you stronger. Make it a great one gang.

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Ripped Jeans and Rain Clouds

Rain drops are falling and I'm doing a happy dance. Love this weather! Cold, wet and uncomfortable is calling my name. I just want to snuggle up with a fire, a good book and a bowl of Sunflower seeds. But instead, I braved the rain to show you how incredibly cute these Distressed Boyfriend Jeans are. I did a little Boho action first, then went for the Sweatshirt and Sneaks look. Shop the look below or get a little "rain weather outfit inspiration" ~


I love these booties with the Perforated Faux Leather, but they are sold out. So I found you some similar ones here and here.


I tied my shirt to the side, it's not for everyone, but it nips you in at the waist


I have a thang for Funnel-Neck Sweatshirt's. I just think they add some fun and interest to a pretty average and comfortable item.


And there you have it, a Southern California girl making the most out of a wonderful wet weather storm. Happy dance. And as I'm sure my mom will ask: "Why wear ripped jeans in cold, wet weather? Don't your legs get wet or cold?.....Nope. Just keepin' it stylish mom.

Have a great week gang. 

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A Fluffy Cardi from Day to Night!

So being the big party animal that I am (eye roll and big loud laugh) I wanted to show you how you can use this yummy faux fur Cardi for day and evening. Evening's in my world consists of either being at home (love that) or out to dinner with friends or my kids (love that just as much!) I love to be able to throw on something special that elevates a boring outfit instantly.....and this one does that. It's simply a super soft, fuzzy Cardigan in a inky Black color that's warm and comfortable. Easy. 


I can't get enough of these Union Bay Camo Pant's! They are sold out now but I found some similar here and here. I paired them with a White-T and Black Sneaks, I love the casual vibe.


Going to a nice restaurant or a Concert maybe? This will keep you warm and look adorable. Worried about your hips or arms? They are covered ladies. This Cardigan is a little big on me that's why I:

1. Wore open heel's (shows some skin so I don't look so overwhelmed and gave me some height because I'm super short)

2. Wore skinny Jeans that are longer to lengthen my leg line. I kept them Black and fitted so they don't add bulk.

3. I wore a Silky Tank that's loose and shorter so that it hit's above my waist. It gives the allusion that my middle area (tummy and hips) are smaller than they are. I also picked a tank with a lower than usual neckline to make it....sexier. I'm not one to preach the whole sexy thing but my girls are covered, it's just a little lower than usual. 

4. Kept my purse small so that I don't have a giant distraction weighing me down! LOL.




I hope my little tips and tricks helped a little for you party know who you are!! And for the rest of us....your just a fluffy faux Cardi away from greatness! Shop the look above.

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A Custom Made Blazer For Everyone!

It's arrived and It's a beautiful shade of Burgundy! It hasn't spit-up or cried much but it's just so new....HA!! I'm kidding.....My new custom made Blazer arrived and I couldn't be more excited. I made a little video for your viewing pleasure. Then, I styled it two ways...I'm sure more will be on it's way....Grab your buttered popcorn and press play.....

Totally unscripted and flying by the seat of my pant's but you get the idea...The Blazer is perfect for me and was super easy to order!

(It's wayyyyyyy harder than it looks, specially when you crack yourself up all the time and there are wierd noises even though I'm alone????)


I love this combo! I think the prints and solids all play so well off of each other!


A blazer does not always have to be dressed up...casual is fun also.

No, you don't have to have light colored pockets or a Burgundy Blazer, you can literally pick whatever you want. I wanted my Blazer to be a reflection of my crazy personality and sense of style. I tend to be conservative so often, so even though this Blazer is a conservative piece, you can really interject some fun into it if you want. What would your Blazer look like? If you would like to order your own Blazer here is the link: Atelier 1919.

Disclosure: Thank you to Atelier 1919 for partnering on this post with me. Affiliate links are used although everything is 100% my very own opinion! 

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Just Casual Pinkiness!

Ok, so Mother Nature is playing tricks on us here in California, as it's been warm, like 75 degrees and now it dropped to 38! Yes, I actually had ice on my car window this morning...What does one do in these strange situations? Do I buy a ice scraper? How do you use it? Should we go to work or stay indoors?? Kidding....I really love the cold and all that comes with it: layers, hot tea, heating blanket, snuggling....and scarf's. I thought I would keep this whole Valentines Pink thang' going with this super soft and medium weight, Pink sweater and Purple (or Eggplant) Cords. 


I never get enough of the pom-pom flats! I may or may not have stopped to do a cheer routine in the middle of the mall to show them off.


Oh Denim Jacket...."You complete me!"


I changed it up with my super comfortable, keeps my feet warm, Tilly's Booties and a Pink Scarf.


Cords are a nice change from Jeans - and the colors are endless!


I never tire of Van's. They are really one of my very favorite Sneakers, and if you go on the Van's website the options and prints are so cute! I remember in Junior High wearing them, and when we got bored or lacked focus (HAHAHAHA) in class we would draw on them. You know you were deep in love if your name made it to a boys shoes. 


On a serious note: this lovely park is in Santa Clarita and is called "VETERANS HISTORICAL PLAZA" It's a lovely memorial to those who have served in the different branches of Military. It's smack in the middle of town and is really lovely and so well done. I don't think we do enough for the Military so I love to see them Honored. Just my own personal, tinny, soap box...ok I'm done. 

All right my super Pink friends, shop the look above, maybe get some inspiration, and have a wonderful rest of your week. Thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photography

A Puffer Jacket - Thru the ages!

Anytime I can pop a collar it's gonna happen! This Puffer Jacket has a nice big collar that was begging to be "popped." Done. I had Wendy join me for this round of "Thru the Ages," since I bought her a matching coat for our annual Ski Trip. I told her to show up to our shoot with whatever she would wear on a daily basses to College classes, and surprise, surprise.....Jeans and Chucks - adorable. I however paired mine with my Boot-cut Jeans and Gold Sneakers. Comfy casual.


Isn't this work-out outfit adorable? I love the tie in the back feature and the details on the legs.


This is my go to "obnoxious color" gym outfit! Hey it's loud but it covers everything and get's the job done.


Puffer Jackets are great - so versatile and warm. They're perfect for transitioning into Spring and come in many colors. They also travel well since they don't wrinkle, and usually fold into a small little square. I have some various options below - Enjoy shopping!

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The Long and Short of it all!!

Have you ever heard of a "Duster Cardigan?" It's a long, almost to the floor Cardigan or Coat. Now to really "nerd out" I will take it one step further and tell you: "The original dusters were full-length, light-colored canvas or linen coats worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from trail dust." Straight outta Wikipedia baby! I've shied away from this look for years given my current stature....(Okay my same height since Junior High and probably going to get shorter as I get older, I hear) I didn't want to overwhelm this delicate little frame of mine. HA. Well, I caved and tried the Duster, because I really like some Boho styles and guess what? LOVE IT! As long as I keep my ankles and/or neck showing, I can pull this baby off. 


A cute long Necklace always elongates. This was a Christmas gift (Thanks J4) but I found some great ones for you below ~


And you know how I love me a great Scarf. With this look I actually like it long and flowing but with the option of wrapping it up tight If I get cold....that's OFTEN! This was a lovely Birthday Gift (Thanks Lor) but I have some similar ones for you below ~


The sweater would look great with leggings and flats also. Maybe Sneakers? Just keep things fitted if your tinny...And yes it does hide wider hips and arms. 


And there is my Duster Story! From trail dust to your closet. You have to try one. I love this particular Cardigan, it's soft and under $20. It's a great color, that's flattering on all skin types. Enjoy the rest of your week friends ~

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Pics by ~ Serano Photography

Layers.....and the Snow Bunny

Ok so maybe I'm not a "Snow Bunny," but I'm little and in the snow, and sometimes feel like I have a tail since my back-end is of the larger size! I know that some of your are soooo used to the snow but us Californian's aren't. It's amazing. I'm pretty sure that cleaning your car and driveway off from the frozen goodness get's old, real fast (specially at your trying to leave to work). So I will appreciate the small trips we take, to the snow. 


I love this "Marc New York Ladies' Lightweight Full Zip Jacket" in this great print. Since it's lightweight, I can layer it for the colder temps, and use it in Spring or Fall for the warmer day's. I love the boxy cut, and that it hit's at about the hip on me (all 4 foot 11 inches).


I have never wrapped my feet in such fabulosity as these PAWZ Boots. Kept my feet warm, comfortable and hello cuteness! 


I'm a big fan of "News boy" caps. I love to try diffrent colors, prints and textures in them. I wear hat to the gym all the time so these are fun to throw on with half-way decent hair if your going out. Ya know how you take a nap on the weekend and the back of your head gets smooshed.....? The cap helps and you look "date ready!" 

This weekend Cali is supposed to be surprisingly warm at 74 degrees. This girl is ready with her layers for some more rain and cold temps...I can do freezing. I got this! The only problem with Winter is the "staying inside and eating" feeling that comes over me. Ugh!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by ~

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A Creamy Soft Blardigan

Is this the yummiest Blardigan ever? It screams warmth, comfort, and - I can wear it with anything because it's Cream...all over it! I'm always looking for Blardigans that are comfortable and cover larger arms, and this is it! Oh...What the heck is a Blardigan, you ask? It's the cross between a Cardigan and a's there baby. Will it get dirty? Of course, but not as quickly as you would expect, and it washes great without a lot of shrinking. I styled it two ways for you to see how much use you can get from it:


Love my Jeggings from American Eagle. They are distressed in all the right places. To many holes and this girls extra chunk would be falling thru them...not a good look :( These adorable Big Bow Slip On Sneakers are so cute and jazz things up a bit, for under $30.


I switched things up a bit with Lucky Brand Peep-toe Booties and Soho Curvy, Boot-cut Jeans. If you can get away with Jeans at work or maybe casual Friday...this could be great for you. Office friendly since you will stay warm as the air conditioning blows ...all day long. UGH. 


It may look simple but this fuzzy Blardigan is packed full of options. If the Cream color makes you nervous, try another color. I picked a couple different options for you below.

I'm one year I look wiser? Taller? Older? I feel great (Except for my hips, feet and headaches) so let's just keep trying to look great together gang. Have a great week and thanks again for stopping by ~ 

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Lace Bralette and Middle Aged Boobs!

It's about to get real people! Turn away if boobs make you blush, because we have a whole post about them today. I have loved Bralette's since they started getting popular a couple years ago and thought I would try one......Oh my, did that go wrong fast. I am a 36C and let's just say they do not "sit up" where they used to, anymore (after two kids). There is rolling and tucking involved. So when I bought my first Bralette I tried it with a t-shirt, a dress, and many other options, and came to the same conclusion......NOT ENOUGH SUPPORT. I looked ridiculous. So I gave that Bralette away and thought nothing more about it. Then Christmas came around, and while out Christmas shopping I found one on sale at Forever 21....and bought it. (Let's try this again) I tried it with my Boat-neck, and larger neck sweaters, and wow. It Worked. It held up the girl's nicely because it has pads in the bra, and just showed the lace straps. Conservative and a little sexy. I have 4 colors now.


This Bralette is a Medium, in Plum, and under $13.


These Ann Taylor Curvy Bootcut Corduroy Pants in Coal Grey are great for year round wear. I cut and rolled mine so I could wear them with Booties, Van's and Flip-flops.


So my Birthday is tomorrow and I will be 46 years young. I love telling people my age. These lines on my face are from years or tears, enjoyment, fun, learning, fascination and best of all....laughter. Would not change a thing. Now the boob's drooping was a little shocking but nothing I can't fix, or wear a supportive bra to aid in. Add a little lace in your life even if it just peeps out! That's my words of wisdom. ;)

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