Vintage Plaid Boyfriend Shorts And 7th Grade!

I get super happy when someone talks about Plaid around me. I think my love for Plaid started in the 7th grade. Plaid was big! Hello dances with Plaid shorts and Wham. RIP George Michael. Anyway, even though I am still the same height I was back then, I buy a new pair of Plaid shorts from J.Crew every Spring and wear them constantly all summer and into Fall, every year!


Pink J.Crew Vintage Plaid Boyfriend Shorts with a Cynthia Rowley scoop neck white T-shirt and American Rag Braided Flat Sandals to start. #Basics.


Style tip ~ I always wear a cream colored Lycra tank underneath my T-shirts to give me smoother lines. Love this one from Jockey.  Helps with boob spillage and back fat.


Sometimes you have to spend a little more on certain items, and this Light Blue Denim Button-up is one of those items. It's light weight, looks great wrinkled, fits great on Petites and can literally be worn ALL YEAR LONG! Over tanks and dresses, under sweaters and layered with jackets. I'm telling you this is the shizzy!


Cooler weather requires a cardigan. With these shorts you could do: White, Black, Orange, Red......I chose this J.Crew Burgundy Button-up Cardigan and added this Double Grommet Canvas Cream Belt


And my favorite the roll).......SCARFS! This lovely one is actually a Light Grey Cotton Scarf that is nice and long and light weight.


Van's go with so many things. I love these classic lace-up version!


And there ya go. All me and my 7th grade self (sort of grown up but the same height). Now you just have to "Wake me up before you go go!"

Did you notice some changes on the blog?? I had to bring in some professionals to make me more professional! Hope you like the changes, I sure do. Make it a great one gang ~

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Pics by ~ Jill M

The Maxi and Straw Hat

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Hope you have some fun things planned with a lot of relaxing sprinkled in there also?! We sure do. Dinner with friends, shopping, Swap Meet, longer gym time and some good family fun. A book and a nap? Done! Anyway, back to business.

Lot's of sales this weekend:

Loft ~ 40% off full-priced styles and extra 50% off sale styles (no code needed)

ANN TAYLOR ~ 50% off select items and extra 50% off of sale items!!! (no code needed)

J.CREW ~ 30% off your purchase with code "YESPLEASE"

MACY'S ~ 20% off with code "LBDAY" plus free shipping with purchases over $49


This is a great transition piece to take me from blistering hot outside to cooler weather (cool weather please come soon)! Black sleeveless maxi dress that is cinched at the waist and has a higher neckline in a jersey material. Here are three options: Maxi 1, Maxi 2 & Maxi 3. I'm wearing option #1 and it's only $25.99! 


Remember this straw fedora with the pom-pom from the cruise? I love it! It's great for bad hair days or just to spruce up an outfit. How about keeping the sun out of your face? And that pom-pom is such a cute touch.


I have worn these Black Platform Wedges so many times and they are always comfortable to walk in. I love that they give me a little bit of height, (5 foot baby) but allow me to walk like a normal person, since they aren't toooo high. 


Let's keep adding to the outfit shall we? This is how we go from "basic" to "outfit:" I added in a Blue & White check, button-up shirt that I tied at the waist. I tie it on the looser side and keep it unbuttoned for a casual look. Next, I added this great Pearl Cluster Necklace to  draw the eye up and add interest.


I'm ready!


One more way to wear this maxi: Add a Floral cardigan and tie-up one side of the bottom. It's cute and youthful. Fun!  

Enjoy your long weekend! Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki

Pics by ~ Jill M

Conservative on the go.....

Life get's busy, so I'm always looking for pieces that I can throw on today and dress up tomorrow. I know when you mention the word "dress" it makes you think that you have to wear heel's, loads of make-up, spanx...... a ball gown.... but that does not have to be the case.


My dad was in town and we wanted to go to Sushi for dinner. I threw this little dress on with some flip-flops and everyone was asking me "why are you so dressed up???" Well I'm certainly glad I can look pulled together and "dressed-up," but It literally took me 3.4 minutes to pull this on, swipe some color on the lips and go.....the same as a pair of shorts!


Dress here and similar here. Similar Flip-Flops and similar earrings.


Although I love the print on the dress it really is just a sleeveless, v-neck, tie at the waist kinda dress! Easy. Add a pop of color, really any color will do. I love this Turquoise Ombre Scarf. It's a pop of color in a subtle way!


Here come's the heels....Not to high, easy to walk in, ankle strap wedge heel's. Still have the Summer sandal look, but walkin' into fall and taking the dress up a notch.


Maybe for an office or a restaurant blasting the AC...(that would be every single restaurant I go to!) add a Shawl Collar Blazer like I have here, or Shawl Collar Cardigan.  I know you may tend to go longer when you carry more weight down low....but let's watch out for to much fabric making us look heavier.  Make sure the length of the cardigan or blazer doesn't go lower than the bottom of your bum! And I say that with an English accent. :)


I love the tie waist on this dress...pull it tight at the begining of the evening or day, and as you load up on lunch, dinner, bread, popcorn...OK you get the picture....let that waist out a bit with no-one knowing. #fashionsecrets


Smolder. We are headed into a crazy heat wave in Cali this week.....not excited. I am longing for sweaters and scarfs and cozy socks. Layers. But for now, I will wear the heck out of this little dress while I still can. I'm going to go work on the window covering for the new kitchen. Couldn't find what I wanted so it's DIY for me. I will show you pics when I'm done.

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Pics by Jill M

Thick Thigh's and Jean Short's

Going pretty basic today with a pair of distressed denim shorts gang. I wanted a pair for a really long time but I kept finding pairs that were not street legal! I need them to come a little lower on the thigh and I want them kind of loose......then I found the perfect pair!


 Distressed denim shorts by Jag are under $24 with rolled cuffs and a 9" inseam! Hello, new best friend!


I sized up for this pair because I wanted them to be slouchy, and a little longer on me. They do fit true to size but I don't like my upper thighs to show. Cellulite..we need to break up!


If I could put into words how much I love this Gap Softspun Racerback Tank and its only $18.99..It is truly amazingly soft and very forgiving around the waist. I love the seam detailing.


I added some beaded bracelets we got in Mexico for color, and these fun animal print flip-flops.


That's my jam right here....preppy girl! Loafers, button-up long sleeve shirt, and distressed jean shorts. Sigh.  


I do understand that loafers are not for everyone and that flip-flop's, sneakers or some cute flat's would work great also! I wore the gray tank underneath and tied the shirt at my waist instead of tucking it in. Why? Tucking it in was cute but way to prim and proper for me. Again, this uptight gal is trying to be more relaxed.......or appear that way!


Don't shy away from things you want to wear because you think they may not look good on you.....look around, there is probably a better version for you out there. If you need help, you know where to find me. Here's to a great week ahead. Anyone going to see the Lunar Eclipse? I'll be watching Game of Thrones! #priorities

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Pics by Jill M

The Black Dress and Pebbles Hair!

I heart this dress! What can I say, I'm a simple gal. It has an asymmetrical hemline to confuse your eye so you look super skinny after a giant meal of goodness. Skims the curves but doesn't hold on to tight. And I am a giant fan of high round necklines. They hide the cleavage but also gives the girls a big stage to bump out into ~ 

I am channeling my inner Pebbles! 

Add some cute sneakers for a more casual look......

Iv'e had this Ann Taylor Loft cardigan forever but found a cute printed one for you here. I love how it adds interest, and draws your eye up. Wrap around your shoulders, tie in front, and you are a 80's diva! HA! 

Of course when you are a petite person, or curvy, or both for petes sake, the rules always say to wear heels with dresses that hit above your knee...blah blah blah...I love these heels, they are truly comfortable...BUT...I would only wear them once in a while and would wear sneakers or flip flops with this dress more often. You choose! What are you more comfortable in?

With a higher neckline I love to have my hair up and wear big earrings. It's fun and youthful. If you have short hair try putting the sides up a bit with some bobby pins. I had much shorter hair for years and this was fun to do. How about a flower behind one ear? A barrette? 

 Have fun with your hair - You only live once or YOLO!

Have fun with your hair - You only live once or YOLO!

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Camo Pants, Pemplum Top and Pushin' The Girls Up!

Happy Wednesday! Thought I would start off hump day with me holding my boobs. Why?...I have no idea. I tend to do this sometimes  Push um' up girl. Anyway, I am all about camo pants today. They are all kinds of fun and comfort. Let's go recruites: 

Nordstrom Rack is killing it with these babies. They are thick and yet light enough for me to wear in the heat. Cropped for us little mighty ones, although you see how cropped they really are on me??? Pants, Similar pants  

August 1st pics 020.JPG

Camo pant's with pink is all kinds of girly fun. I always wear the thicker belt and tuck my more fitted T in behind it. Now I don't look so shleppy. (Yep it's a word!) T-shirt / Shirt / Vans

August 1st pics 024.JPG

Dressing up camo a bit? Why not! Let's do a white peplum top or similar top here with white flip flops, shall we? Why does this peplum top work? The pants are slim fitting allowing the shirt to be more loose and free flowing. I rolled up the bottom of the pants to show my ankle which then narrows your leg out.

August 1st pics 029.JPG

NOT GREAT! Ok, so we all agree that peplum tops are not waist definers..correct? Then, when you add a boxy skirt, that hit's at the's all kinds of body/outfit wrong. A pencil skirt maybe, or a much shorter and more fitted skirt would work better.

August 1st pics 031.JPG

Yes, I love a good arrow pointing at my "not so great" outfit! Remember....Peplum tops are amazingly cute, we just have to work with them a bit. Hold your head high, hike up the girls, and rock that Camo and peplum baby! 

Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki

Pics by Jill M



Let's talk about how Khaki short's don't work!

Hi gang - busy week. We are remodeling our kitchen and living off of granola bars and fast food. Oh, and it's 195 degrees and muggy here in Sunny Cali! That was not said with a smile. So with all that loveliness going on, I have not made it to the gym for my regular workouts and my thighs have ballooned up. Okay maybe they are just always like this?! Now I love me some Khaki, like no-one's business, but if you are heavier on the might want to re-think this whole thing. I do love to put myself out there in every embarrassing way possible, so let's see how I did not make these babies work: 

I thought a cute little empire waist shirt here, and here would maybe work well with the shorts, and although it's a cute bueno! The empire waist does camouflage a larger tummy but it also draws your eye down, and I look wider. Holy cow people, get Oprah on the phone for a weight watchers consultation.  A necklace for interest, helps. I am a true prepster at hart and love a good loafer with shorts. 

 The Shorts are Carlson twill shorts from Nordstrom. They are great quality and nice and thick, but I will be exchanging them for the Grey Ebony color.  The darker color (and less salt) will help minimize my heavy thighs.....well at least the appearance of them. HA

Love this draping blardigan for all seasons. It's light weight and super soft.

I'm up for T-strap sandals anytime, and these babies are under $23 at Macy's. Love the brown color and they are really comfortable. If your wondering why I have no polish on my toe nails?? Big question, I know. From running I have damaged my two big toe nails, and the doc told me to lay off the polish until they can heal more.

Plain toes and hair up for now. I'm going to go get a granola bar.

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Pics by Jill M

The non-Bridal White Dress!

I have never bought a white dress before, but I was in Urban Outfitters and fell in love with this one! So cute and simple. All I envisioned was: Friday night dinner out with cute flat sandals and a jean jacket. Oh how my little arm hairs began to tingle. Then I tried it on.... and I realized that this goes way beyond my inner bride, and can go to......the office? A Dinner? Gasp! 

Remodel and White dress July 2017 036.JPG

I love the casual vibe of this dress and have found some similar ones for you here, herehere and here. I added some fun embellished flat sandals to jazz it all up.

Yes, add a bright pink cardigan! Less Bride more party animal. HA! 

OMG! White and denim are so great together. Sigh. This JCrew denim jacket is the best Jean Jacket I have ever owned. It has the right amount of distressed and is a perfect color.

I added a nice little black kitten heel you could wear for work. Maybe office appropriate with a cardigan? Or just a little fancier evening out? You could do any color shoe. I chose to keep the shoe nuteral and have the cardi pop! 

Hello, don't forget about that Jean Jacket!!!

All undergarments, my thong and pastie', I mean my push-up bra and control underwear are all in skin tone. Don't wear white under white, it show's. 

Yes, the photographer for the day! My boy. Spencer. Or I call him "Pence!" 

Have you ever owned a white dress besides your wedding dress? You should try one, something new and diffrent.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki

Big Arms, the Slip Dress and a Fluffy White Dog!

When I started this blog one of the things I wanted to show you was how to work with an item that maybe doesn't work well on your curvy figure. Perhaps add a T-shirt or tank or take the hem out, add a pop of color....blah bah blah, I could go on for days. Let's look at the "Slip Dress" ~ 

I have never bought a slip dress before for fear of those dreaded strap's! They run after me in my dream's like the wicked witch ran after Dorothy. You see, I think the little tinny material that they call strap's, makes my arm's look much bigger!  But, I bought this gem from Marshall's for my vacation thinking that I could make those darn Spaghetti strap's work! I just loved the tie dye print and the slip inside.  Similar dress here, here and here.  So I added a T-shirt under the dress and have worn it 1,000,120,100 times!

I added a cardigan, and these summery sandals because momma get's cold!

Van's Lo Pro sneaker's in Expresso keeps it casual and grocery store friendly! 

Every slip dress needs an accessory - mine is Kia! She's a little Maltese Mix that we found on the street in not good condition about 7 years ago. She's the best dog, and has some serious street smarts, a loving disposition and a very loud bark for a little one!


I say be bold and wear your clothes proud. Embrace your curves and be confident. But If you have a hang-up, like we all do, mine are my arm's, then don't stop yourself from buying that item....just make it work for you! I'm here to help and be your Guinea Pig. 

Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki

The embroidered shirt and her options

This gal is all about keeping cool and looking somewhat refreshed. How about a loose flowing top with a little embroidery to help. Put on your skin tone bra and let's do this~

I've picked a couple cute tank options for you here, here and here!

I ordered these short's from Khol's. I love this "Sage Herb" color but if your not feeling it, there are many options to pick from. Another great thing, are the length options. When my thigh's have a good day, I can roll the shorts up a bit, when they are not having a good day....I keep on rollin' down! Cardigan

The minute I step inside most places I freeze! Having a scarf for the shoulder's is perfect to just throw on. You can never go wrong with a pair of T-strap brown sandals. We are talkin' endless options to wear them with....these are a good investment for a whopping $14.75!

Since the top is a bit loose and flowy, why not add a pair of skinny jeans for a dinner out? 

And top it all off with big hoop's and brown flats! Bam! Done! Now where shall we go eat????

Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki

Pics by ~ Jill M