Valentines Day ~ Dress up or down?

Valentines Day is here and even though the thought and sentiment behind it is great...It's not one of my favorites. Why? Tell or show the person or people around you, that you love them often, not just on February 14th. Right? Uncomfortable silence.....moving on. I do enjoy this day more since having kids though, it's fun even at this age (19 & 22) to buy them little candies and make a little card -So.... How will you spend the evening? Will you dress up in a dress, and go to a fancy restaurant? Jeans and a nice Sweater maybe? Sweats and relaxing? THAT'S ME!!! Anyway you like it maybe I can give you a little style inspiration for the evening?


Distressed Jeans, Wedges, a Cream Sweater and a Long Necklace. (The smolder is extra)


Even though temps are frigid right now,  just throw on a little Cardi or Jean Jacket!


Hair up, soft sweat pants, and a house wrap Jacket, this is where you will find me!

Enjoy your Valentines Day and thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by ~ Jill M. Photography

Great Gifts for Valentines Day for under $50!

It's that time of year to start thinking about that special person in your life. It may be your spouse, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a really great friend, a kid of yours, a parent....or yourself. I gathered some great gifts for her, or him, that wont break the bank.

Yes, I love engraved item's!!

picture perfect for Christmas! (1).jpg

1. Love this Picture Frame - It's so happy and positive!

2. One of my favorites: How about a Necklace with each child or grandchild's engraved name and birthstone?! OMG!!! Talk about meaningfull

3. Personalized Silver Heart Keychain Engraved Free -Both sides can be engraved! Who doesn't have a key chain?? 

4. Tiny Rose Gold (Looks good on all skin tones) Personalized Initial Necklace - How special and simple is this?

5. Cuccia Italia Valentine's Day Scarf - Festive, classy and can be worn each year!

6. I had to add in this last one: Ice Freshwater Cultured White Pearl Sterling Silver Drop Earrings with CZ Accents - AMAZING!! Did you see the price???

picture perfect for Christmas!.jpg

1. Pocket knives are so great for men to carry around (and open stuff up for you with a smolder on there face) and then to engrave it!? WIN!

2. Polo Ralph Lauren Printed Sleep Pants - Who doesn't love when there man wakes up with tousled hair and cute sleep pants on? Fabio? 

3. Claiborne Shawl Collar Long Sleeve Cardigan - Shawl collar's are classy and hot on any man. period. Amen.

4.  Engraved Ebony Zippo Lighter - I don't like to encourage smoking but this can be very handy for those outdoors type. 

5. Geneva Mens Black And Gold-Tone Strap Watch - This is a man's man heavy watch. Enough said

I hope this helped cut down on some of the stress you may be under to pick the perfect gift? It can be stressful specially when you try to out-do each other, present company included!

Happy Valentines day and thanks for stopping by ~ 

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