Lace Bralette and Middle Aged Boobs!

It's about to get real people! Turn away if boobs make you blush, because we have a whole post about them today. I have loved Bralette's since they started getting popular a couple years ago and thought I would try one......Oh my, did that go wrong fast. I am a 36C and let's just say they do not "sit up" where they used to, anymore (after two kids). There is rolling and tucking involved. So when I bought my first Bralette I tried it with a t-shirt, a dress, and many other options, and came to the same conclusion......NOT ENOUGH SUPPORT. I looked ridiculous. So I gave that Bralette away and thought nothing more about it. Then Christmas came around, and while out Christmas shopping I found one on sale at Forever 21....and bought it. (Let's try this again) I tried it with my Boat-neck, and larger neck sweaters, and wow. It Worked. It held up the girl's nicely because it has pads in the bra, and just showed the lace straps. Conservative and a little sexy. I have 4 colors now.


This Bralette is a Medium, in Plum, and under $13.


These Ann Taylor Curvy Bootcut Corduroy Pants in Coal Grey are great for year round wear. I cut and rolled mine so I could wear them with Booties, Van's and Flip-flops.


So my Birthday is tomorrow and I will be 46 years young. I love telling people my age. These lines on my face are from years or tears, enjoyment, fun, learning, fascination and best of all....laughter. Would not change a thing. Now the boob's drooping was a little shocking but nothing I can't fix, or wear a supportive bra to aid in. Add a little lace in your life even if it just peeps out! That's my words of wisdom. ;)

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Pics by Wendy S. Photography