More about positive and less about Fashion!

Once in a while I like to ramble on about....feelings! Yep those strange things that make us sometimes warm inside, and sometimes makes our neck hair stand on end. Maybe sometimes makes you uncomfortable, and sometimes scared. Do scary things make you want to face them head on (and tackle them) or do you run and hide? When I was younger I would maybe run a little then tackle. Now I run towards them (although ski diving will never happen!) deal with them and squash those scary feelings. I feel like it makes me stronger?! Isn't is funny how when you start getting older you realize that it's not the bigger House or the better Car that brings you happiness, but simple things like dinner with good friends, mini-Vacations with Family and sharing a laugh (at your expense) with your kids. I love being in my 40's. I tend to be an up-tight (yet fun) person so It's nice to let some of that bul**Sh**t go! (I have to stop cursing also) Relax and appreciate the good things we have.  


We went away to Big Bear for a family Vacation and ohhh how I ate (an entire 1 pound bag of Peanut M & M's) but who cares!!  I enjoyed every second of every meal and snack! The gym is always there for me to get back on track when I get home. 


I love the feeling of telling my loved ones how much I appreciate their honesty, love and support. Who else is going to tell you the rough stuff- you need to work on. Like when you've been unfair, or need to sleep because your crabby, or someone needs more attention.


I love to laugh! I love to laugh at myself, or with friends and family, or watching a great show. It's good for the soul. I love the lines on my face from laughing, those have been years in the making! 


I love honesty. Telling a friend they have spinach in their teeth or telling someone they hurt your feelings. Let's get it out in the open and deal with it so we can move on. Some may say I'm toooooo honest, but at least you know where you stand with me.

Thanks for letting me ramble on....I've been Blogging now for over a year, and love Blogging about Fashion and Working out, but sometimes I just have to let you all know how I feel. #HAPPY

Thank you all for joining me in my little corner of the Internet - I trully appreciate all of you!!!

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