Fit, Fun, Friday #3

Love working my leg's! They are strong and carry most of my weight so we have a love hate relationship. I love to beat the crap out of them by working out hard and being sore the next day, and they love to retain my salt and water. This moves helps me tremendously, take that thick thigh's!  

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Okay, are you ready? No weights needed today. Tennis shoes and cute work-out clothes? Here we go....


You can place your hands on your hips, I like to put mine in prayer hands....I have no idea why...It's just comfortable for me. Feet should be hip width apart (feet are under each hip bone) Next, bend your knees a bit, relax your shoulders, chest out.

Beginners will lift the left leg a bit off the ground (See left pic), Intermediate is higher off the ground (See middle pic), and Advanced is high off the ground (See right pic) In this position you will pulse up and down slowly 5 to 10 times. A pulse is a small lift (up and down) and after about 5 times your muscles may begin to fire up....yeah! 


Back to the beginning. Reset, shake out your legs if needed. Deep breath...exhale....

Other side!!!


Now do them in the front....


And behind you!


Did those little pulses catch up to you? Feel anything? Work your way up to 30 to 50 per position and move between them without stopping.....Awaken that stubborn thigh fat and blast it! Hope you enjoy this fun and intense move, have a wonderful weekend! 

**Always check with your doctor before physical activity

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Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photography