Rockin' the Boat in Blue

I was off the grid and enjoying myself for 5 glorious days! The cruise was fun and relaxing and the weather was perfect. Our meal time was 8:15 pm, not my choosing, and anyone who knows me, knows I like to eat at 5:30 pm! Soooooo, we would get dressed up and go to dinner in the middle of the fricking night! LOL! 

I brought along this cute empire waist, navy dress for one evening of dinner and fun. The long sleeves were great since It was freezing in the restaurant... every night! Dress / Dress / Dress 

I read that you should wear a wedge or platform's if your going to wear a heel on a cruise ship, due to the rocking and rolling. And we aren't talking about when your drunk! Shoe / Shoe / Shoe   I have to say this was some good advice!

And, I of course have to travel with my photographer Jill! What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't travel with my fashion crew??? HA! Jill looks amazing as usual, so I snapped a couple of her! Gorg! Similar dress

Okay... I want to know how much you love my bunny ears?? (and large side ass?) Otherwise known as: "hair that's wind blown on top of my head!" That's what I get for trying to be sexy!

A little bit of sparkle with the earrings?

And as the sun went down....I added my favorite sunglasses and enjoyed the sunset. Then I was off to dinner, gamble, a little drinking, and a lot of laughing with the fam! 

I missed you guys! But sometimes It's nice to unwind and unplug. Thanks for stopping by, Corki

Pictures by Jill M