The Black Dress and her Mary Janes

Dress // Shoes  // Earrings

Betsey Johnson has always been a favorite of mine. She's funky and wild but can be classy and conservative also. We all know I tend to be the latter which brings us to this black dress. Although the black is now sold out the red is great also. It's a heavy weight knit dress that skims the body. Mine has a nice v-neck but it's not TOOOO low...god forbid Cork! I love these Mary Jane's! So comfortable for heels, I have no problem walking in them and they have pointy toe's. My Fav! Great for street walkin'....I'm kidding! Do hooker's wear thier hair in two bun's?? I think not! Wait...I'm intercepting a message from another planet with my buns..HA! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.  ~ Corki


Pics by Jill M