My Favorite Kitchen Appliance's

I know, I know... we are veering away from fashion but some of these things are very important. I must share! If you have been following me on Insta-stories you will notice how much we cook. We really try to cook dinner at home 5 nights a week....see how I said "try." We love the Trader Joe Market. Big fan's. I'm the only "Pescatarian" (a person who eats fish but not meat) in my house so I tend to make a meal for myself (they think my food is weird) and a separate one for the fam (they all eat meat :( ). So some of my Insta-story followers asked about my favorite Appliances, and here we are.....(long winded little person here). 


The Electric Tea Pot

OMG, one of the best gift's ever from my mom. I am a big tea drinker and had a really cool tea kettle on my cook-top...then someone that I love, very much, who lives in my house, who is a boy, tried to make hot water while the tea-pot was empty. UGH! So when my Birthday rolled around my mom bought me this electric tea pot, and oh how it completes me. The glass pot allows you to see that there is water in it (you know who you are) and it plugs into any regular plug. You turn it on, on the handle, and when it's done the handle turns Green and your ready! Tea, Hot Chocolate, Oatmeal - You get the idea...It cleans up easy, I wash it by hand. Every couple of weeks I put water and Vinegar in the pot to clean the water build-up and I'm back in business. It looks great on your counter also! 


The Ninja Blender

 This little baby is my Ninja Blender....Say Hi! My Husband bought this for me because I love to blend. Yep, It's a thing for me. I've had a couple different brands before and this one has been the best. I love that it has different speeds and duration's to choose from. It always pulverizes everything I put into it, and I'm never left with chunks. I thought it was expensive as first but we use it so much that now I really think it was worth every dime. Thanks Hubby!

As you can see the Ninja family has many options, faster, bigger...mine is the one on the bottom left. Works perfect for us.


My Favorite blended drink:

1 Cup of cold Black Coffee

1/2 cup of Almond Milk

1 Teaspoon of Stivia

Lots of Ice

Yummy....... :)


Instant Pot

Holy cow...who knew???? So my wonderful, super smart mom bought this for my hubby and I for Christmas. I thought it was such a nice gift although I didn't know what It was nore had I ever heard of one. (Yes I live under a rock) So I left it in the cabinet for weeks until my mom came to my house and made 10 minutes in this little baby. 10 MINUTES!!!! She didn't measure out the rice and water and it came out perfect. Then she made my family shredded Pork (no comment) and it was ready in like 45 minutes. They all loved it. We gave away our Crock-pot and Rice cooker and now only use this pressure cooker. I lOVE IT! I throw all kinds of stuff in there on Sunday to make a stew for the week for my lunch. Frozen Veggies, Lentel's, Brown Rice and Vegetable Stock with some spices and it's done in 10-12 minutes. What a great investment this is if you don't have one. Thanks mom....again!


I know all the Instant Pots look the same but they are actually somewhat different in that they have various quart sizes and prices. I have a medium size 6 Qt and this is perfect for a family of 4. (Well one little person and 3 giant guys!) 

If you've been on the fence about some of these items, or maybe have never heard of them before, I sure hope this post helps. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

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Pics by ~ Serano Photography