A Sexy "No Place Like Home" Shoe and Cropped Skinny Pant's

Click those Red Heel's together, close your eye's and wish for fatty food's to have zero calories?! Anyway...we can dream right? I always talk about a "pop of color" and this is a very big pop! These red heels are so comfortable, fun and sexy. What a great addition to a plain work outfit for a conservative office. Let's see how to sex up the work place (in a very "G" rated kind of way) ~


"Cropped Skinny Slim Leg Pant's" have to be handled carefully if you are Curvy and/or Petite.  For instant, if you wear these pants with flat's.....FORGET ABOUT IT! Cut's the leg's off, make's us look chubby and stumpy...No! We need the heel's to elongate the leg. I wore the sweater out for this pic and had the Denim shirt "peek" out the bottom .  Cute and classy.


These pant's are really great with a small print to not overwhelm our frame. They have a stretch to the woven fabric, and have a slim leg.  I did a "half tuck" to my sweater for a little more casual vibe.


Probably good for a more casual work place since it's Denim. I know in my Corporate work environment's Denim was a no go! Maybe you can get away with it???


Maybe your office is not freezing? This Calvin Klein sweater is light weight and would be great on it's own. You could wear this baby with a scarf also...if your cold...all the time...every hour of the day... 


Maybe a "Blardagon?" A Cardigan and a Blazer got married and had a Blardigan! (G rated people) It's structured like a Blazer and yet soft like a cardigan sweater. This may be more boardroom worthy for you.


Do you see how just buttoning the Blardigan makes me look wider? I've lost my waist.  Proportions are out of wack now. Everyone remain calm....I will un-button that Blardigan and click my heel's together hoping this time that salt in large portions will not make me retain water! HA! Are you ready for a pop-of red on your toes?? I know you would look great!

Thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by Wendy S. Photography