A Coral Key Hole and Prayer Hands!

This is my first key hole experience and I am one happy hey holer! (New word I made up.) It's soft and comfortable and a little sassy with that...gasp...little bit of skin showing thru. I know it's hot as balls out, but my goodness, it's almost Christmas! We must begin to prepare for cooler weather ~


   When we take pictures, all kinds of fun things happen, and some times a moment of serious, thankfulness also. We were literally talking about being thankful and I found my hands in prayer. Funny how that happens.      

Love these skinny frayed Jeans from Vigoss. They fit great on us more curvy gals, and are a steal at under $20!

Key Hole Sweater

And we can always us a cute pair of Vans

 I love me a little jewel t-strap sandals to keep that summer transition vibe going.

Although the key hole is cute by itself, why not add a little fun with a long necklace.

And as the sun goes down, and the last little bit of rays hit my face, I say a big thank you for supporting me and stopping by my little space. I know your life is very busy and I am truly appreciative that you take a moment to take a peek at the blog ~ Thank you again, Corki

Pics by Jill M