Great Gifts for Valentines Day for under $50!

It's that time of year to start thinking about that special person in your life. It may be your spouse, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a really great friend, a kid of yours, a parent....or yourself. I gathered some great gifts for her, or him, that wont break the bank.

Yes, I love engraved item's!!

picture perfect for Christmas! (1).jpg

1. Love this Picture Frame - It's so happy and positive!

2. One of my favorites: How about a Necklace with each child or grandchild's engraved name and birthstone?! OMG!!! Talk about meaningfull

3. Personalized Silver Heart Keychain Engraved Free -Both sides can be engraved! Who doesn't have a key chain?? 

4. Tiny Rose Gold (Looks good on all skin tones) Personalized Initial Necklace - How special and simple is this?

5. Cuccia Italia Valentine's Day Scarf - Festive, classy and can be worn each year!

6. I had to add in this last one: Ice Freshwater Cultured White Pearl Sterling Silver Drop Earrings with CZ Accents - AMAZING!! Did you see the price???

picture perfect for Christmas!.jpg

1. Pocket knives are so great for men to carry around (and open stuff up for you with a smolder on there face) and then to engrave it!? WIN!

2. Polo Ralph Lauren Printed Sleep Pants - Who doesn't love when there man wakes up with tousled hair and cute sleep pants on? Fabio? 

3. Claiborne Shawl Collar Long Sleeve Cardigan - Shawl collar's are classy and hot on any man. period. Amen.

4.  Engraved Ebony Zippo Lighter - I don't like to encourage smoking but this can be very handy for those outdoors type. 

5. Geneva Mens Black And Gold-Tone Strap Watch - This is a man's man heavy watch. Enough said

I hope this helped cut down on some of the stress you may be under to pick the perfect gift? It can be stressful specially when you try to out-do each other, present company included!

Happy Valentines day and thanks for stopping by ~ 

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