Light Jeans On A Curvy Girl?!

I have actually had these Jeans for a month or two and never wore them. Why? Have you seen these "thunder thighs?" I was really worried that they would show the cellulite (that I pretend not to have) thru the jeans. I threw them on, held my head high and said "take those pictures Wendy, It's for my people!" I was pleasantly surprised that they are in fact very comfortable, and hold me in without showing to much....(throat clearing)...chubbiness. The key hole sweater draws the eye up, so that helps also. But the Jeans show your curves in a nice way ~ 


I know, a little equestrian but I love this color combo. Brown boots with a light outfit is so classy for Winter. These Jeans from Boohoo are Petite Supper Skinny and proportioned perfect for a curvy Petite. I love the Bleached Color. 


Great with a Puffer Quilted Vest in Blue.


And of favorite....a yummy scarf!


To cinch in your waist when you wear the vest, try a Wide, dark Brown belt. Then half tuck your sweater. Perfect!


And if Sneakers are more your style, I added a pair of all White Puma Sneakers, and gave the Jeans a nice big roll. 


Tada! I can't believe how much I love these Jeans..specially the Color. I'm telling you these post's push me out of my comfort zone and allow me to take big risks also. These may have sat in my closet, lonely and gathering dust while I worked up the nerve to try them. And now they are one of my fav's! 

Thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by ~ Wendy  S. Photographer