What the ####??....I call it the "Off The Shoulder Silky Little Black Dress!" I have to say, that in my everyday life I do not wear dressier dresses, but we all need a little fancy dress hanging in the closet for whatever may come up? Be ready for the unexpected ladies!


This little gem is really comfortable. No Spanks needed! It's more of a Shift Dress feel, hanging loose on the body. I love that It covers my upper arms and has a ton of room so that you can wave and not get slapped back in the face with the arm fat! Win!


Obsessd! Faux Fur Block Heel Sandals. Say that one real quick. Elevate that outfit to the next level for that night out and show a little skin.

I love how this dress doesn't much! Hey ladies, I struggle also. Having my shoulders exposed doesn't bother me. The length covers the tops of my knees. My upper arms are covered. Hallelujah! The perfect dressy dress! 


And maybe a cute little Lace-up Ballet Flat if your not feeling the heels?


And why not sneaks? A pair of Lace Chuck Taylor All Stars to walk you into a more casual Brunch or Lunch? 


I kind of like this dress with just larger Earrings and no Necklace.....I feel like the Pearl Choker breaks up the neckline for me. Circle and Bar Drop Earrings and Grey Pearl Choker.


And that's it for the OTSSLBD! Shown three different ways so that you can picture yourself in how you would maybe wear it. And you would look great in it! I know these things. :)

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Pics by - Wendy S