The Shifty Shift Dress

Shift dresse's are for everyone....including those of us who like to eat all that a buffet has to offer and not suck in our gut, while eating said buffet! Is this the only reason I wear one?? Maybe. No! Let's see.......

This could be a Church, or Shower look with cute flats. Make sure you buy a shift dress that fits well, and is lined. This one is a little long on me, but isn't everything? Ugh! I like this dress because it is lined inside so it falls nicely over my.....curves...(rolls, let's be honest!)

Here we have a woven belt to cinch in you waist. Dress options here, here and here

I added in a grey light weight cardi with sparkle flip flops to go from: "my feet are hot" to: "it's chilly inside!" This is the everyday conversation in my head...btw.

How about "office/work appropriate!" If you are required to wear nylons and heels this would work also, just add in a blazer!

These mid-wedge sandal's are a little dressier option.

This is not the: "I'm pregnant and have to sit down" pose. (Hell no)  This is the: "It's tooooo hot, and I'm over the heat, even though it just started" pose.

See that - You can go from super casual to the office with a couple quick shoe, belt and sweater options. :)

Have a wonderful week. I will snap lot's of pic's on the cruise. Chao!

Thanks for stopping by ~Corki

Pics by Jill M