The Black Dress and Pebbles Hair!

I heart this dress! What can I say, I'm a simple gal. It has an asymmetrical hemline to confuse your eye so you look super skinny after a giant meal of goodness. Skims the curves but doesn't hold on to tight. And I am a giant fan of high round necklines. They hide the cleavage but also gives the girls a big stage to bump out into ~ 

I am channeling my inner Pebbles! 

Add some cute sneakers for a more casual look......

Iv'e had this Ann Taylor Loft cardigan forever but found a cute printed one for you here. I love how it adds interest, and draws your eye up. Wrap around your shoulders, tie in front, and you are a 80's diva! HA! 

Of course when you are a petite person, or curvy, or both for petes sake, the rules always say to wear heels with dresses that hit above your knee...blah blah blah...I love these heels, they are truly comfortable...BUT...I would only wear them once in a while and would wear sneakers or flip flops with this dress more often. You choose! What are you more comfortable in?

With a higher neckline I love to have my hair up and wear big earrings. It's fun and youthful. If you have short hair try putting the sides up a bit with some bobby pins. I had much shorter hair for years and this was fun to do. How about a flower behind one ear? A barrette? 

 Have fun with your hair - You only live once or YOLO!

Have fun with your hair - You only live once or YOLO!

Thanks again for stopping by ~ Corki

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