A Simple Shoe Change and The Denim Dress!

I was worried this dress may look to matronly......but I really am pleasantly surprised! I'm a little old school in that I think of tie waist clothing as something my grandma would wear.....and she did in the later years.....but times are a changin' gang. There are some cute dresses with little tie waists and this one, is one of my favorite's. It has all the best elements this little curvy gal could ask for: 1. Room to grow or shrink (I am one meal away from the next size up or down, and chips and salsa may send me up more) 2. A button up front to adjust, depending on your level of cleavage enjoyment 3. A collar to "pop" up or down 4. A dark wash that is slimming and get's better with each wash. A couple shoe changes and we are set to go: 


I wore the Denim Dress with some Gold Wedges and a White tank peeking thru for shopping with friends. The dress was perfect since it has longer sleeves to keep you warm when you enter shops with the air blasting. 


I added a similar green Floral Bib Necklace for contrast, and interest, and to dress this bad girl up a bit - And swiped a little darker lip color on also. I use E.L.F products....because I am little...NOOOO....I like the price point and quality actually. This color is Fuchsia Fantasy.


I Think a cute pair of Flip-Flops are a great addition to this outfit. You could try sooooo many different colors. I played it safe with Blue. Similar pair here, here and here.


And we have to try it with sneakers. How fun!

If your uncomfortable in shorts and maybe showing your upper arms...how about this Denim dress? Covered up and cute. Done and done.

Have a wonderful rest of your week and thanks for stopping by  ~ 

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