The Floral Vans and Pink Sweater

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I had a great weekend! My mom and stepfather came down for the weekend and helped with pictures...They are professional photographers by occupation and profession. We had some good laughs, at my expense of course. I should have taken pictures from my point of is taking pictures, the other is standing next to me with a canvas to block lighting, my mom is spraying my hair! So funny. I felt very much like Kendall Jenner since we look so much alike...Giselle maybe? After pictures we went to visit my cousin who just had a baby five days ago. The baby is such a love and well dressed already I might add.  She had that fabulous NEW BABY SMELL! We went to the gym and brunch on Sunday and enjoyed the weather. Love this Easter colored sweater by Sonoma that I got at Kohls and could not find on their website. It's nice and light and has that Kangaroo pocket and button up sleeves for versatility. I have worn these Vera Wang Skinny Jeans before with low boots, and have to say that the girl knows a curvey petite body. They are a great length to wear rolled or not and doesn't gap at the waist. Score! And you know I love a good sneaker and Vans are my go to! Love this Hawaiian floral print that you will see more of as the temps rise. I have to say I am having a great time showing you options for outfits..switching out shoes, shirts, pants, underwear...accessories. I hope your enjoying it as much as I am. I would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki

I am not a big fan of denim on denim but you can get away with it if the shades are different,

as these are. 

No collared shirt and sleeves are buttoned up!

Coaxed into a pose!


This shirt is super soft and the band around the middle defines your waist. You do have to wear a tank underneath so your bra doesn't show.

O'Neill makes the best flip flops, they are comfortable and cute. There is thin padding under my foot. Yeah!

Pics by Jill M and Countryside Studio