The Pencil Skirt paired down with Denim & Stripes

Skirt // Shirt // Jacket // Boots // Necklace

I tend to be a bit more of a casual gal! Even when I had to dress corporate I tried to jazz it "down" a bit, less stuffy and structured if you will. That's me, always going against the grain. It's exhausting being me.. So in true Cork fashion I took one of my favorite Ann Taylor pencil skirts and added a denim jacket. L.O.V.E. This skirt is lined and has wide paneled seams that hold you in a bit yet skims the body. I have hand washed it, hung it dry and ironed it inside out and it's worked great. I picked this striped T-shirt up from Old Navy and use it under so many things and it doesn't seem to fade. Now this Denim Jacket I have to admit is a bit big for me. I bought it while it was pouring rain out and I was shopping in a thick don't judge me people! I know I need to go get a petite small/med instead of a med/large regular. I get it I'm short. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear from you ~ Corki  

Turquoise Pencil 2.jpg

This is called the "Half up, half down double pony twist." That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Turquoise Pencil 3.jpg

This is called the "good bra doing good work" shot! (It's a padded balconnet bra by Tommy Hilfiger) TMI???