A Creamy Soft Blardigan

Is this the yummiest Blardigan ever? It screams warmth, comfort, and - I can wear it with anything because it's Cream...all over it! I'm always looking for Blardigans that are comfortable and cover larger arms, and this is it! Oh...What the heck is a Blardigan, you ask? It's the cross between a Cardigan and a Blazer......it's there baby. Will it get dirty? Of course, but not as quickly as you would expect, and it washes great without a lot of shrinking. I styled it two ways for you to see how much use you can get from it:


Love my Jeggings from American Eagle. They are distressed in all the right places. To many holes and this girls extra chunk would be falling thru them...not a good look :( These adorable Big Bow Slip On Sneakers are so cute and jazz things up a bit, for under $30.


I switched things up a bit with Lucky Brand Peep-toe Booties and Soho Curvy, Boot-cut Jeans. If you can get away with Jeans at work or maybe casual Friday...this could be great for you. Office friendly since you will stay warm as the air conditioning blows ...all day long. UGH. 


It may look simple but this fuzzy Blardigan is packed full of options. If the Cream color makes you nervous, try another color. I picked a couple different options for you below.

I'm one year older...do I look wiser? Taller? Older? I feel great (Except for my hips, feet and headaches) so let's just keep trying to look great together gang. Have a great week and thanks again for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photography