She's a whole lotta' fun, her name is: "Game Gal!"

Games are a great way to bring people together....and when your hosting a Birthday, Anniversary or Holiday Party, it's double the Turkey, Reindeer, Birthday Cake Fun! I always have a game on hand so that there is no awkward moment's or guests who feel left out. I don't care if it's family or friend's, there is always going to be a shyer guest.....That's where "Game Gal" swoops in for some party pizzazz and to make all feel included and welcome!

Here are some guidlines I follow ~

1. Know your audience.  If you have a mixed age crowd then pick questions that everyone can partake in. 

2. Each game generally has about 10'ish questions. When you get over about 15 questions things start to lag a bit. 20 questions top's!

3. We are here to have fun. I have never been a fan of the uncomfortable questions, or the "roasts" where we make fun of someone. Remember we are trying to make the Birthday person feel special, appreciated and loved.

4. Holiday questions should stay mainstream. I try not to bring controversial or political questions into the mix.

5. Mix in pop culture and personal also, this way the Birthday person doesn't feel like they are being interrogated.

 Let's try this ~


How do I get my Birthday questions? I never ask the Birthday person because I want them to partake and enjoy. I look up everything on the computer under the year the Birthday person was born. I was born in 1972 so here is the link to the one for me: LINK. Then you can change the year on the website. I get a couple questions per decade for the Birthday person. I read these out load and let everyone write down their guess. When I'm finished reading the questions I read the answers to them. Here is a sample:


1. What was the price for a loaf of bread in 1972?

2. What was the top Movie of this year? hint: It was about an Italian Family.

3. How many homes has the Birthday girl lived in since birth?

4. In 1982 what was the most popular video game?

5. What was the Birthday girl's favorite musical group when she was a teenager?

6. In 1992 what Whitney Houston song was #1?

7. What drink came out with the slogan: "Made from the best stuff on earth?"

8.  How much was a Superbowl ad in 2002?

9. Which "Lord of the Ring's" was popular in 2002?

10. What is the Birthday girl's favorite snack food?



My aunt is the "Game Gal Guru!" I learned this all from her infinite party wisdom. Thanks Lori! Anyway, she generally does Turkey Trivia with History and Pop-culture, Thanksgiving questions. We have done "Thanksgiving Word Scramble".......TIMED! It's very stressful! Pick some easy and hard words and scramble them. Here are samples:

                                                         Word Scramble

eurkty                            _______________________

uyplhtmo  korc              _______________________

So there is a sample. The first one is Turkey and the second is Plymouth Rock. Fun!

                                                   Gobble Gobble Trivia

(For this one I use this link , Kids link has many printable options available also. Many times for a fee)

1. How many days was the actual Thanksgiving Celebration? 

2. The first Macy's Day Parade did not feature any balloons, What did it have instead? 

3. Pilgrim sailed to the new world on this? 

See, I do some for every age since in our family we go from 1 year to 70 years young.



Christmas is done very much like Thanksgiving. For our family we are all very big music fans so we do a word scramble with Christmas Music Titles. If you have a sports family, do one with Sports get the picture. Also, this is not a game, but a fun and interesting tradition. We stand in a circle and share something about ourselves that was special or important that happened that year. Some of us don't get to see each other much and we find some great things out during that little circle of love and sharing!


Have fun end enjoy the holiday's with a little "Game Gal" creativity flowing thru ya! Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to help. 

Thanks for stopping by ~

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