A Girly Floral Dress

These days I'm feeling all kinds of girly. Is it that time in my life? I'm at the mid-way point people. 45! I have always been a bit of a tomb boy....is the feminine change hitting me all the sudden? Maybe I'm looking way to much into this and It's just that my tastes are changing or growing up?! Anyway, I'm in the mood for a little floral dress and her options ~  


I love this dress! Such a sweet print with a deep v-neck and a bit of an a-line cut. I wore a simple black tank under this floral frock to hide the girls, and added some black tights to keep me warm. I love that the sleeves cover my upper arms. I am covered and comfortable! I kept my earrings simple with no necklace so that the dress is the focus.


Oh Jean Jacket you are my "ride or die!" And "popping the collar" is a must!


I love that the Denim Jacket toughens the sweetness of the dress a bit. 


This dress is toooo short for me to wear without leggings or tights! I was hesitant to put this pic in, but I always promise you guys that I want to show you my authentic self, good or bad. This is bad. This dress comes way to far up on the leg for my heavy thighs. We shot this dress from the front and I didn't realize how short it was till I looked at the pictures (in my mirror it wasn't so bad)...gasp! So here I am, side-ways for you. Moving on to pics with leggings...how I will really wear it:


And how fun is this? Leggings and a little pop of color on the feet! Keep in mind that when you wear cropped leggings they need to show your ankle since that is generally the smallest part of your leg. Then your stems look thinner! Yeah! 


NO! Not a good look...tied at the neck makes me look stumpy and heavier...I need my neck and chest to show. 


I was actually falling over, oh how I love to laugh at myself. What a dork! 


And there you have it...A big bowl of do's and don'ts and flower prints and leggings and denim all smooshed together. This girly girl is going to go eat some sunflower seed's and watch a little baseball...hey, I'm still a bit of a tom-boy but who said I can't watch the game in a floral dress?! 

Thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by Wendy S. Photography