The Softest Faux Fur Vest....EVER!

Oh my gosh where did the Month go? It's April!! It's almost Christmas. Kidding. Kind of. We are three months into this year and I think I'm ready for a cool down.  I know that that's not how things work, but it is 83 degrees today. It was raining, poring and thunder last week. I guess that's why I live in California.....and because my family is here.  Any who....we ventured to Old Town Pasadena for a yummy Brunch with family, and I had to look the part. We walked right by where they film American Idol, and of course, they asked me to come sing (eye roll).........HA! The real story is we walked by the lines for American Idol and went straight to the Mexican restaurant, where I sat and shoveled copious amounts of chips and salsa in my pie hole, as everyone else chatted. Now that's the truth! 


I thought this Faux Fur vest would be fun and comfortable and it did not disappoint. I like the "Rocker meets Flight Attendant" look. Why not add a scarf with great colors when you have a lot of basics going on? 


I tied the scarf around my waist thru the belt loops and really like the way it breaks up the all Black column. You could wrap it around your wrist or even tie it to your purse. It's all about the fun and unexpected. 

We have a busy weekend ahead with Easter. I hope you all enjoy yourselves with a lot of food, cute outfits, family and friends and maybe some Church!? Make it a great one gang.

Thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photography