How to "Nip in that Waist" like a boss!

When I'm with my boy's girlfriend's they tie their shirts in the front, back and side?! Very cute on the girls, but this chick is all grown up and womanly. I prefer to tie mine on the side in a looser more mature fashion. Me funny! Hold on...still laughing....Let me show you what this tie thang is all about:

White "midi-skirt," here and here,  just screams Summer cool to me. 

You have to pair dark grey with white. It makes my eyes all misty with heart emoji's flying around! This Vintage wash T by the gap always fit's so well and doesn't loose it's color with multiple washes. Two thumbs up.


You need a hair tie in the same color as the shirt

See how slumpy an un-shapely I look with the t-shirt out?

Next, pull your shirt through the hair tie

Wrap the tie around a couple of times like you would a piggy tail

Last, take the tip that sticks out and stick it in one of the wrapps

Then I work the knot to make sure you cannot see the hair tie anymore. I do this by pulling and bunching the shirt a bit, at the knot. TIP ~  If I were to just tie the shirt it would be a very tight knot. By using the hair tie I can adjust the knot into a more relaxed drape for my curves! 

Try not to be to "matchy - matchy" - mix it up a bit. A Burgundy cardigan?! Yep! And these little flip flops with fringe are really comfortable and fun. It's a party on your feet!

Dress it all up with wedges that have a straw heel. Here, here and here

I use my J Crew Market tote - all the time! It's great for the pool or running errands. I often curl up and take a nap fit's my entire body except my booty....that sticks out...a little. HA! 

Do you own a white midi skirt? Are you afraid it will make you look to wide? not true! I bet you look great! Go put it on, grab a T-shirt and tie that girl up on the side! YOU GOT THIS!

Have a wounderful week......Thanks for stopping by ~ Corky