Back to Basics!

Starting off the year with some closet "basics" or maybe you like to call them "staples?" For an everyday look, why not wear a comfortable knit blazer with Jeans and a long sleeve T?  I found this 3/4 Sleeve, Knit Blazer, at Nordstrom Rack for under $50. I mean you don't have to wear a Blazer with a suite right? about sneaks and errands?


Us curvy gals need some stretch in our Jeans, and these hold you in nice, and yet allow you to breath and move around. I'm not going to exercise in them but dang they are comfortable (I'm one of those strange people who works out like a freak at the gym, and then at the grocery store I can't get a close enough parking spot because I don't want to walk to far. Welcome to Camp Crazy!). I'm only 4'11 so even though these are Petite Jeans I still rolled them up 2x....its a small roll :) 

IMG_0225 (5).JPG

I took my Black Oxfords and bought some Purple Ribbon and laced them into the laces for a fun look. The Ribbon was two-toned, darker on one side and lighter on the other. Fun!  It's cold out and when you get up to go to work hopefully some of these ideas will take the guess work out of your morning wardrobe picking. I'm here for ya' ladies....all 4'11 of me. 

Thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photography