"Free People" Cowl Neck Pullover For The Age's!

A little something different for you today: a  Holiday Guest! Wendy is my lovely Photographer, and an avid runner, in great shape. Yes, I have tried to run with her and it was B A D!! She runs. I jog. She is 19 and in College. I'm out of College and my hips hurt after I run. HA!  We wanted to show you how this Free People Cocoon Cowl Neck looks on each of us, and how we would actually style/wear it.


Wendy is wearing an XS in her Free People Pullover which fits her perfect, with her American Eagle Skinny Jeans and little slouchy Ankle Boots. Outfit looks youthful and current on her.


For me, the Ankle Boots don't usually work to well. I do love to show a little ankle, (smallest part of my leg) so I paired my Pullover with Skinny Black Jeans and Keds. My Cowl Neck is in a Small, since I'm roomier in.....most area's! 


It's Winter. We have to pair it with a Denim Jacket!  You just can't go wrong with a good Denim Jacket, and I love how this one is a dark wash. 


You work that outfit Wendy!


You have to check out the brand "Free People." They have great quality clothes that have a young Boho vibe with mid-range prices. I love that this Pullover has raw edge's for a little more edgy vibe, but the Cowl-neck is a little more conservative. Perfect.

Hubby had Rotator Cuff Surgery on Tuesday night, so there has been sleepless night's around my house this week with all his pain and discomfort. Poor guy. We got him a new recliner tonight to help him sleep more comfortably. Wish us luck. :)

Have a great one and thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photography