A Puffer Jacket - Thru the ages!

Anytime I can pop a collar it's gonna happen! This Puffer Jacket has a nice big collar that was begging to be "popped." Done. I had Wendy join me for this round of "Thru the Ages," since I bought her a matching coat for our annual Ski Trip. I told her to show up to our shoot with whatever she would wear on a daily basses to College classes, and surprise, surprise.....Jeans and Chucks - adorable. I however paired mine with my Boot-cut Jeans and Gold Sneakers. Comfy casual.


Isn't this work-out outfit adorable? I love the tie in the back feature and the details on the legs.


This is my go to "obnoxious color" gym outfit! Hey it's loud but it covers everything and get's the job done.


Puffer Jackets are great - so versatile and warm. They're perfect for transitioning into Spring and come in many colors. They also travel well since they don't wrinkle, and usually fold into a small little square. I have some various options below - Enjoy shopping!

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Pics by ~ Serrano Photography