Keeping It Real And Casual

I love me some casual gear! I am a run around town in workout clothes, kind of gal, and this my a step up. A cotton/fleece skirt (like a sweatshirt) an Adidas zip-up Jacket, A fitted white T-shirt with longer sleeves and Adidas casual sneaks. Let's break it down ~ 


My skirt is a looser fit so I kept my T-shirt more fitted so I don't look heavier than I actually am. The idea is to work with what you have and I happen to have a little waist. so I try to accentuate it!


OMG! Have you ever tried these Nike flip flops??? They are "Comfort Thong Flip Flop's" and they are like walking on little clouds, yes I have walked on a cloud. They have a memory foam foot-bed that cradles your feet. Yep! All kinds of comfort and love in every step are happening on these little feet! 


I always, always, always wear a white or cream tank under my white t-shirts. Even If I'm in a hurry. I think it looks so much cleaner and me, no-one want's to see my bra! Well except the hubby of course!


When I'm going around town doing my errands, I take my gym bag so I can shove my purchases in it. I often forget to bring my own bags into the store and I usually carry a cross body bag that's way to small, so this Adidas bag works great. How do you run errands? In a Ball Gown? Jeans? Hair up? No Makeup? Whatever you do, I'm sure you look great!

Have a wounderful week and thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by ~ Jill M Photography