The Workout and the Wave's

Yep, you are looking at one beautiful, golden, little stretch of heaven! NO NOT ME! (But I'll take it if that's what you thought) HA! We are talking about a little cove in Pismo Beach, California. You take a giant staircase down a cliff-side to get to it. What a great spot to shoot some work-out wear. Let's do this ~ 

Now, I would like you to know that I worked out before these shots so I am red and sweaty with no make-up. This is actually when I am most comfortable. I'm not sure the people at all the places I go to after the gym would agree, but who cares! This bitch worked out! Woop, Woop! I love my Brooks Ghost 9 Women's Running Shoes! They are a little expensive at $89.95, but they are comfortable, and my Foot Doctor recommends them for people with foot issues. Hand in the air, that's me! I thought I would really love this Workout Loose Fitting Tank but I don't think it's that flattering on me. A little to boxy or big? 

I wear this Adidas Original Track Jacket from Macy's to much! Adidas fits me great and I think it's worth the money because they are so well made. I wear this Green Cadet Cap to the gym all the time and get all kinds of compliments on it.

Did you think I would leave out an opportunity to at least try to leap? These  Reebok Workout-ready Cropped Leggings at Macy's are for $24.99!! They are the perfect length and hold everything in place....even in flight....

OMG, these shirts Women's Tek Gear Easy Burnout V-Neck from Khol's are only $7.99 and come in 21 colors!! They are comfortable, shear and flattering. Similar hat (not with sweat on it)

So, we were away for the weekend, and I usually wear my hair in two buns or pigtails (yes I'm 6 years old) sticking out of my hat when I workout. This way my shoulder'ish length hair stays out of my face. As prepared as I thought I was....I forgot the hair ties. LOOK AT THE CRAZY HAIR in these pictures. That is true sweat, salt and friz hair!

This hoodie is super soft and I love the light Grey color. Its the Women's Tek Gear High-Low Fleece Hoodie on Clearance for $13.20 at Khol's.

There I am. I had to be coaxed into this picture...crazy hair and all. 

June 2017 030.JPG

Sometimes in Spin Class I turn my hat around like a guy. I don't even realize I am doing it. You have to have a long sleeve option for out-door workouts. This Women's RBX Long Sleeve Space-Dyed Tee in Wild Strawberry for $48 from Khol's works great! 

Puffer vests are so versatile, they can be worn with work-out wear, a dress, jeans, get the point. Similar J Crew Puffer Vest

I wear a size 5 1/2 on my little tinny feet and I like the "no show" socks from Big 5.

These are some serious stairs with a very serious cliff-side! Fun to run up with a great view.

Look at that view behind me. Amazing! 

And this is why I am curvy! I actually do not eat giant Cinnamon Rolls very often...but when you are in Pismo Beach you have to go to the "Old Cinnamon Bun Company" near the pier and indulge. And I did! 

Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki


Pictures by Country Side Studio