Conservative on the go.....

Life get's busy, so I'm always looking for pieces that I can throw on today and dress up tomorrow. I know when you mention the word "dress" it makes you think that you have to wear heel's, loads of make-up, spanx...... a ball gown.... but that does not have to be the case.


My dad was in town and we wanted to go to Sushi for dinner. I threw this little dress on with some flip-flops and everyone was asking me "why are you so dressed up???" Well I'm certainly glad I can look pulled together and "dressed-up," but It literally took me 3.4 minutes to pull this on, swipe some color on the lips and go.....the same as a pair of shorts!


Dress here and similar here. Similar Flip-Flops and similar earrings.


Although I love the print on the dress it really is just a sleeveless, v-neck, tie at the waist kinda dress! Easy. Add a pop of color, really any color will do. I love this Turquoise Ombre Scarf. It's a pop of color in a subtle way!


Here come's the heels....Not to high, easy to walk in, ankle strap wedge heel's. Still have the Summer sandal look, but walkin' into fall and taking the dress up a notch.


Maybe for an office or a restaurant blasting the AC...(that would be every single restaurant I go to!) add a Shawl Collar Blazer like I have here, or Shawl Collar Cardigan.  I know you may tend to go longer when you carry more weight down low....but let's watch out for to much fabric making us look heavier.  Make sure the length of the cardigan or blazer doesn't go lower than the bottom of your bum! And I say that with an English accent. :)


I love the tie waist on this dress...pull it tight at the begining of the evening or day, and as you load up on lunch, dinner, bread, popcorn...OK you get the picture....let that waist out a bit with no-one knowing. #fashionsecrets


Smolder. We are headed into a crazy heat wave in Cali this week.....not excited. I am longing for sweaters and scarfs and cozy socks. Layers. But for now, I will wear the heck out of this little dress while I still can. I'm going to go work on the window covering for the new kitchen. Couldn't find what I wanted so it's DIY for me. I will show you pics when I'm done.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki

Pics by Jill M