Arroyo Grande and the Orange Shoes

Arroyo Grande you are soooo my home away from home! Mild weather, friendly people, cozy town, and the Beach! My mom and sister live up here and we find every excuse to come up as often as we can. The little town is nestled outside of San Luis Obispo on the coast in California. It sits above Santa Barbara and way below San Francisco. It's cooler up there so when we went out to dinner we needed a scarf option ~ 

I have an Orange problem! Along with sunflower seeds and working out....I love the color Orange. Why? It's bright and cheery!

How fun is this Black & White Cardigan from J Crew? I love to jazz up the whimsy a bit with  pops of color. Similar Sweater

And since Orange is my thang'......

These Driving Loafers are the perfect Orange color and wait for it....they are COMFORTABLE! Gasp! Cute town huh? They call it "The Village." It's very quaint and hip with it's variety of shops and places to eat.

Cork alert: So this is a funny picture because I don't drink wine! At all. I hate the taste! I know it's strange for some to grasp, but I really truly hate wine and beer. I really liked the little house the "Wine Tasting" room was in though. 

This is one of those bridges that is suspended and wobbles and your husband jumps on it and scares the crap out of you! And for some reason you crouch down because that makes it all better!? Scarf / Jeans

This is a wooden deck that leads you down to the little creek that runs through town.  There are Roosters and Chickens running around. See pic below. This is my Coach purse from many years ago. Worth the money since it still looks as great as the day I bought it!

These little bastards are scary! They roam around the park next to "The Village" and have become used to people. They let you get sort of close to them but those claws!!! And they talk to you....NO, I'M KIDDING. Do you see how I'm casually hanging back in the shadows??? 

This outfit was perfect for a night out. It was comfortable, casual and I had pops of color and layers. Done! Have a wonderful weekend appreciating the fathers in your life. I know I will! 

Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate it - Corki

Pics by Countryside Studio