Fit Fun Friday #2

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I'm all my fitness glory! Were you sore last week? That was one of my favorites. Now let's do some ab work.....

You can use a milk carton filled with water, a ball, a bat, a rock or if you have it...a weight?

Beginners: Feet are planted firmly on the ground

Intermediate & Advanced: Feet are in a bridge


Feet on ground


Feet in bridge (and crazy eyes)


Let's scoop that over to the left, keep that back straight, shoulders down and relaxed

My feet will go up and down while I show you the move but yours need to stay up or down.


Back to center


If your Intermediate or Advanced you should have those feet up in a bridge this whole time :)


Scoop on over to the right


Back to center, and keep going.......


Perfecto! Hold that core in and don't forget to breath...... Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by ~ 

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******Always check with your doctor before attempting these moves.

Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photography