An Over-sized Sweater Vest on A Curvy Petite

I'm sure that in "Petite Land" you are not supposed to wear an over-sized Sweater Vest as it probably overwhelms your little frame. Well aren't we glad that we are in "Cork Land" instead? It's a fun place to live, where there is an abundance of chips and dips, and Sunflower seed's, and big comfy Sweater Vests. You should visit sometime's it's super fun ~ 


So let's start with the basics. A simple soft Baseball style shirt and the best damn black Jeans I own! They are "Miraclebody" jeans and holly cow do they nip and tuck when you have not been eating as well as you should (Stupid world series stress eating)! The color didn't fade after a couple washes, they are a higher rise and didn't gape out at the waist. Score!


And here you have this adorable sweater vest with a shall collar. The only way to make this work if your curvy and/or petite is to keep everything underneath fitted. Fitted shirt, skinny jeans, fitted t-shirt or tank if you want. **I have a couple different versions and price points for you to choose from below.


I have seen this done before on Pinterest and thought I would give it a whirl.....NOPE! Doesn't nip me in at the waist at all. Not a good look on me since my smallest part is my waist. This may work well on someone have to try it! 


And here is a whole other look to try. Boots and a monochromatic black outfit with a little embellished necklace. I wore this for date night and the hubby complimented me numerous times over dinner. Hey that's all I need in my book. I'm comfortable and confident and he's happy. 


I'm telling you, you have to come visit "Cork Land" soon. Wear that over-sized Sweater Vest with pride anyway you want it. I'm just here to guide you a little. Lovin' this great cool weather, make it a great one!

Thanks for stopping by ~

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Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photography