A Simple Black Dress from Day to Night

Yes I screwed this whole thing up somehow. Ugh! I have no idea what happened but I set this story to post and never hit "enter!" Duh! So then I post a teaser on Instagram and I start getting notes from some of you saying: "Wheres the story???".......Well It's been here the whole time you just have to hit....E N T E R CORK! Anyway, for you younglings (Starwars word) us more seasoned (Older) ladies seem to miss things, or dare I say....become more forgetful as we get older. This is why I try to keep my outfits simple. Take this SBD or Simple Black Dress for instance. Running errands during the day, and then off to dinner at night? Sneaks to Boots and maybe a darker lip and your ready to go ~


 ~ DAY ~

Tie flannel around your waist ?


If it gets chilly, put the Flannel on, roll up the sleeves, and tie at the waist?


NO! This is not a good look on anyone! It adds weight to your frame and looks dumpy. 



A pop of color on the ears (to draw the eye up) and cream color boots to set off the Simple Black Dress. This simple style let's everyone see your shape yet the dress is not too form fitting so they don't see what you don't want them to.


Oh man are these boots comfortable! No joke, I could walk in these all day. They aren't to high, have a wedge, fit thicker calves and are reasonably priced. WIN!


And there you have it, from Day to Night with one SBD. It's amazing what a couple accessories and shoe changes can do for some simple threads.  Could I get my scarf any tighter around my neck? I love my scarfs! They are my favorite accessory by far. #Warmth. 

Thanks for stopping by ~ I will try not to screw this up again :),

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Pics by Jill M Photography