D.I.Y Kitchen Window Covering

Thought I would show you how easy it is to add a little color, personalty and decor to an otherwise plain kitchen. Yes, we just finished out total remodel of our kitchen and couldn't be happier with the outcome. But......it's the decor that brings it all together. Our cabinets are White and our back-splash is Grey-Blue so I need to introduce another color to make everything warm and inviting, whimsical and fun. My hubby bought me this really cute bowl with orange circles on it, a couple of years ago....it's my "Source of inspiration!" So  off I went to the fabric store....I purchased:

2.5 yards of fabric (fabric store)

Heat N Bond (fabric store)

Spring rod (Lowes)


I measured on my window, how far down I wanted the cover to come to.  Laid out my fabric flat and measured.


Now I cut the excess piece off. Maybe I can use the excess to cover a pillow, or inside a basket, to pull the look together?


Now I take my long piece, and fold it in half with the back of the fabric facing out.


This is "no sew" tape that you can use to hem pants or do other fabric related things with. The heat from your iron melts the tape and bonds the fabric together. It's quick and easy to use.


Cute a piece of your Heat & Bond tape, and place along the edge of the entire piece of fabric. You are leaving the ends open on the drape. 


Place your two seams across the top together with the tape in-between them. With an Iron on "medium" slowlyyyyyyyyy move it along the edge. The heat from the iron bonds the two seams together.  


My seam is bonded across the top and both ends are open.


Take your piece and pull it back thru itself....


Okay my nail looks like crap...sorry. I had been grouting all weekend. This is what the seam will look like once it's bonded. Very professional!


The two ends are left rough and ragged so I fold a small bit over and iron it. I also run the iron over the entire curtain one last time, to get any wrinkles out that I may have, from working with the fabric.


Place the tension rode thru the open ends of the drape. I place the tension rod up and make sure my seams at the end are still folded in. In the past I have placed tissue paper inside to give it a little structure, but this time I like it just the way it is. Remember, you can make your drape longer or shorter, I made mine long enough so the afternoon sun doesn't blind me. Hope that was easy and informative. Full kitchen reveal coming soon. 

Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki

Pics by Jill M