A Faux Leather Jacket Done Two Ways!

Isn't it great when you buy an item and get a lottaaaa use out of it? That's what we're talking about today, amidst the blowing cold winds (maybe snow where you are at) shopping galore (I am shopped out! Is that a real thing?), and beautiful Holiday lights everywhere, a Jacket is all we really need!

I'm talking a buttery soft FAUX (because that's important to me) Leather Jacket and showing you two ways to wear it. This baby will get you through your Holiday gatherings and into January for work, and other everyday important things we do. 

Casual for errands or a low key Job? Dressed up for the Office or Dinner out? 


A little "heel action" going on with some simple and classy Pin-striped Slacks?! I have on a basic tank but you could do a Black T-shirt? I don't get the "pop of color" vibe from this jacket so I kept it toned down and classic.


I added a printed Henley for another option for you to see. This would work great If you tend to run warm and need to take the jacket off.....Not me!!! It's blistering cold 24/7 in Cork land!


I love the big draped lapel on this jacket as it works well with so many different necklines. Round, V-neck, Scooped, big Necklace, dainty....It has zipper pockets and run's a bit long in the arms. I actually like this for this Jacket because I folded them under for a more dressy look and folded them over to be more casual.


Favorite accessory #2??? Caps! Omg, how a Cap elevates an outfit. (btw: my favorite accessory #1 is a Scarf, for those who have not been paying attention. We will have a test later!) 


Okay don't laugh at "Crazy Hair Lady," it was really windy. I have bad Allergies. This is my hot mess face. Focus on the outfit. Not my face. Kleenex anyone??

And this Jacket is so cute with Jeans also. I pumped it up a bit with these fun Grey Flats with a little Pom Pom on them. You can of course wear this outfit with Sneakers or Loafers. And who can go wrong with a Flannel?


When you live in Cali your days can be cold (as in 64, I know, not that cold) or in December and January we have some days at 74 degrees so we learn to dress in layers. Cali gals' know what I'm talkin' bout! 

Enjoy your last week of shopping! Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Merry Christmas. To cover everyone....Happy Holidays! 

Thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photography