How about a custom luxury Blazer fit just for you?

In the bustling and busy Holiday season, sometime us ladies are so focused on our families and friends, that we sometimes forget about taking care of numero uno. After the Holidays are over and your maybe feeling a little tired and run-down, like many of us do ....... you can order yourself a custom Blazer made from beautiful fabrics and cut perfectly just for you and your measurement all from your home. How many pockets would you like?  Buttons down the front? A shawl or notch Lapel? Would you like a slit in your Sleeve? WHAT THE HELL IS CORKI TALKING ABOUT? Overwhelming? Have you ever put this much thought into a Jacket? It's about times ladies. Let's spend a little more than usual for a key piece, that fits perfect on you and will last for years!  I have partnered with Atelier1919, a wonderful company that offer's custom Blazers for less than you think. Read on for a little bit about the company in an interview:

" Atelier 1919 is an online direct-to-consumer fashion brand that offers custom luxury blazers for women. A blazer is one of the most versatile, transformative pieces that will significantly flatter any body, and perfect for work, play, or both. Using the Atelier platform, customers are able to input a few measurements, design, and customize their perfect fitting garments that is both well-made from the finest fabrics and stylish, which is then created and shipped right to their doors in under 2 weeks"


"We’re selling luxury blazers for a practice of the price, using a new-age business model approach to the luxury fashion market for women. This means we deliver high quality garments that are well-made and very stylish for less. Typically, for bespoke and made-to-measure retail shops, you'll find prices nearing $1k and above for similar clothing items such as blazers or suits. For us, we’re putting total control in the hands of our customers using an affordable process that strips away typical costs incurred by traditional retailers with expensive distribution models, lowering overhead costs, and all of these allow us to charge over ⅓ to ¼ less than brands in our space, or $300-$600 range. We think of ourselves as accessible luxury making exceptional garments that will be available to the widest range of women ever. "


 "Our brand doesn’t say ‘here take this product, let’s try to fit you in it.’ It’s the very opposite. We look at a customer and say,’ create what you want and lets fit it to your unique body.’  We’re aiming at women who want to express their individuality and are starting by giving them the perfect fitting blazer."


"Our ideal target customer is the modern woman. Which we define as a working professional that is elegant, cool, and chic with an active lifestyle that includes extra-curricular activities, and most importantly an unending love for fashion that reflect themselves."


I will have a post and fit review for Atelier 1919 next month to show you what I will do with mine when it arrives. So excited. Don't forget about yourself this season, get your nails done, get a message, have a bottle (not glass) of deserve it! 

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