A Cold Weather Friend

If there was ever a need for a good sweatshirt, chilly weekend's is where it's at! I'm talking a nice fire, some hot chocolate, Netflix, hubby and dog's, a bowl of Sunflower seeds. Sigh. #happyplace. Most of us run errands on the weekend so isn't it nice to throw on a cute Sweatshirt, Leggings or Jeggins (more on those later) run those errands and when you get home.....slap that hair up...and relax. How much can you do with a simple yet fabulous Sweatshirt?


This cream colored Sweatshirt with the Kangaroo pocket for cold hands, is perfect in every way. Hit's me just below the hip bone, so it's not to long, is fitted but not to tight, so that the sweatshirt doesn't overwhelm me. I love that this Roxy Sweatshirt has this "funnel-neck" that makes it a little more dressy than the usual hooded version.


Crushed Velvet Sneakers. Who knew? So cute and comfortable and I have to say they have stayed very clean! I love me some cute sneaks and these have been so fun to wear out. I have had more people ask me where I got these than any other pair I own. I threw a scarf around my neck for a little contrast, kind of fun.


Gearing up for some snow time and had to try these snow boots from Western Chief....they are for kids. Nope I don't mind. I can admit it. With a straight face. They are sold out of this exzact pair, but I linked a couple similar one's. I love the Camouflage! And the price point!


And then there is my casual dinner out look. Yep this is one of my most favorite weekend outfits in chilly weather. It takes me from errands to casual dinner. Have you ever heard of Jegging's? American Eagle makes the absolute best pair for curvy and/or Petites. They are a cross between Leggings and Jeans and could not be more comfortable and flattering. I was really worried that they wouldn't be a good look on me with my curves (I of course, did not want to look like a sausage stuffed into a casing) to avoid all sausage moment's: I made sure to buy a darker color and sized up. American Eagle tends to be more Junior sizing and yet fit's my curves great...I just have to size up.

So there ya go. When the temp's get low it's great to have a dependable friend, like a great fitting sweatshirt, around to throw on and go. Snuggle up and enjoy!

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Pics by ~ Sawman