Used Condoms and Cute Shorts!

Yes, more of the Cruise. Sorry. Look, I lead a very quiet life (not complaining, I love it that way) and have to show you the fun when it does happen. This was a whole lot of fun with some dizzy moments mixed in there also. Nope not talking about drinking (although there was this one night) but I actually got a little "Sea Dizzy." I made that up because I didn't actually get sick but was very dizzy when we were moving. I tried to make the best of it and throw on some cute outfit's ~ 

I love Loft shorts! These striped Loft Striped Fluid Shorts  were comfortable and fit well. They have good coverage if you are heavier in the thigh like this gal is! Hand raised. Try to imagine they are not wrinkled. I pressed them before I left on the trip, and when I took them out, the one leg was a little....crumpled. oops. I had to have a pop of color and these red drop earrings were perfect. 

This White scalloped tank was a gift from my hubbie for the trip (thank's my love). I just love it because, it's soft and feminine, and really actually versatile. Under a blazer would be cute.  Similar Tank with more coverage here, and less coverage here.

That's a used condom! It's not mine! We didn't see it at first. I kicked it out of the way finally. Had to share. WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE????

Every night we came back to our room to a towel animal on our bed. This was very exciting for this animal lover. Although it made me miss by dog's more. :(  Not sure what this one was...but it was cute! 

 These little Gold Flat Sandals are really comfortable and I thought jazzed up my outfit a little. We love to jazz thing's up a bit around here! I love these sandal's , and these also!

I changed my shirt so that I would have a little longer sleeves and a little more shirt! We were about to go into Ensenada,Mexico for the day and I wanted to cover up a bit! I've worn this short before, see here. Before we left for the cruise, I ran over to Khol's to get this Straw Pom-pom Fedora hat that I had seen on-line and had to have. It just oozes "vacation fun" to me, and it's on sale for $16.32! Then I picked up this Strapless bra  for only $12.74! It comes in White, Black and Sandollar, and I have to say one of the best and most comfortable strappless bra's I have ever worn.

I'm thinking...Elephant?

Well there you have family vacation. We ate a lot, but I did work out every morning on the running deck. That was great. The fresh air made me less dizzy...I just couldn't run and look at the water (vomit sound) I was very surprised by how much is NOT included in your cruise. We are not big gamblers or drinkers and holly smokes the bill at the end did not reflect that statement. They really get you when everything is just charged to your room, and poof you never know what your really charging. UGH. It's fun going on vacation with older kid's though. We played trivia at dinner, laid by the Adults Only Pool (with our adult kid's) and talked and laughed and ate more than we should have. No complaint's here, it was great! I would do it all again....and we will! 

Thank's for letting me share ~ Corki

Pics by Jill M