Layers.....and the Snow Bunny

Ok so maybe I'm not a "Snow Bunny," but I'm little and in the snow, and sometimes feel like I have a tail since my back-end is of the larger size! I know that some of your are soooo used to the snow but us Californian's aren't. It's amazing. I'm pretty sure that cleaning your car and driveway off from the frozen goodness get's old, real fast (specially at your trying to leave to work). So I will appreciate the small trips we take, to the snow. 


I love this "Marc New York Ladies' Lightweight Full Zip Jacket" in this great print. Since it's lightweight, I can layer it for the colder temps, and use it in Spring or Fall for the warmer day's. I love the boxy cut, and that it hit's at about the hip on me (all 4 foot 11 inches).


I have never wrapped my feet in such fabulosity as these PAWZ Boots. Kept my feet warm, comfortable and hello cuteness! 


I'm a big fan of "News boy" caps. I love to try diffrent colors, prints and textures in them. I wear hat to the gym all the time so these are fun to throw on with half-way decent hair if your going out. Ya know how you take a nap on the weekend and the back of your head gets smooshed.....? The cap helps and you look "date ready!" 

This weekend Cali is supposed to be surprisingly warm at 74 degrees. This girl is ready with her layers for some more rain and cold temps...I can do freezing. I got this! The only problem with Winter is the "staying inside and eating" feeling that comes over me. Ugh!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by ~

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Pics by ~ Sorono Photography