Let's talk about how Khaki short's don't work!

Hi gang - busy week. We are remodeling our kitchen and living off of granola bars and fast food. Oh, and it's 195 degrees and muggy here in Sunny Cali! That was not said with a smile. So with all that loveliness going on, I have not made it to the gym for my regular workouts and my thighs have ballooned up. Okay maybe they are just always like this?! Now I love me some Khaki, like no-one's business, but if you are heavier on the bottom....you might want to re-think this whole thing. I do love to put myself out there in every embarrassing way possible, so let's see how I did not make these babies work: 

I thought a cute little empire waist shirt here, and here would maybe work well with the shorts, and although it's a cute shirt....no bueno! The empire waist does camouflage a larger tummy but it also draws your eye down, and I look wider. Holy cow people, get Oprah on the phone for a weight watchers consultation.  A necklace for interest, helps. I am a true prepster at hart and love a good loafer with shorts. 

 The Shorts are Carlson twill shorts from Nordstrom. They are great quality and nice and thick, but I will be exchanging them for the Grey Ebony color.  The darker color (and less salt) will help minimize my heavy thighs.....well at least the appearance of them. HA

Love this draping blardigan for all seasons. It's light weight and super soft.

I'm up for T-strap sandals anytime, and these babies are under $23 at Macy's. Love the brown color and they are really comfortable. If your wondering why I have no polish on my toe nails?? Big question, I know. From running I have damaged my two big toe nails, and the doc told me to lay off the polish until they can heal more.

Plain toes and hair up for now. I'm going to go get a granola bar.

Thanks for stopping by - Corki

Pics by Jill M