Not a great last week for me and the hubby. Nope we are not fighting or anything like that, we just have a lot more stress than usual (we like to eat when were stressed) #yummy #excusetoeat. I know everyone has stress and ours is not life threatening or anything that big, so shut the hell up Cork! It's just that everything happened at once, like it always seems to. 


First the hot water heater blew. Next the water main in front of our house burst (it froze if you can believe that?!) Then my car door handle came off in my super strong hands. :( And last but not least....... while it's been freezing here...our house heater stopped working....all in the same week. We are home owners so there is no land lord to call. So what does any real adult do? Run away? Yes, we went to my mom's up in San Louise Obispo. Go ahead with the judgment, I can handle it. We had the trip planned for my hubby and sisters Birthday, and decided to just go. 


I'm glad we did. Sometimes you have to step away, take a deep breath and remember how full your glass really is. We are so blessed in so many ways, and I need to remember that sometimes when crap seems to pile up. We all have stuff, some bigger than others, but it's all.....LIFE. I really try not to let life get me down when it kicks my short little ass, but I'm afraid it does sometimes. So I choose to take a step back, take a big breath, count my blessings, work out, and eat some sunflower seeds. Hey, you may have Chocolate, I've got my seed's. Thanks for being a big part of my glass overflowing and listening to my little pity party.


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