The embroidered shirt and her options

This gal is all about keeping cool and looking somewhat refreshed. How about a loose flowing top with a little embroidery to help. Put on your skin tone bra and let's do this~

I've picked a couple cute tank options for you here, here and here!

I ordered these short's from Khol's. I love this "Sage Herb" color but if your not feeling it, there are many options to pick from. Another great thing, are the length options. When my thigh's have a good day, I can roll the shorts up a bit, when they are not having a good day....I keep on rollin' down! Cardigan

The minute I step inside most places I freeze! Having a scarf for the shoulder's is perfect to just throw on. You can never go wrong with a pair of T-strap brown sandals. We are talkin' endless options to wear them with....these are a good investment for a whopping $14.75!

Since the top is a bit loose and flowy, why not add a pair of skinny jeans for a dinner out? 

And top it all off with big hoop's and brown flats! Bam! Done! Now where shall we go eat????

Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki

Pics by ~ Jill M