Tank Tops Already????

I know what your thinking....Tank top's in April? I was in Old Navy and these babies were $10. Yes! I swear. I bought 3 and packed them away.....for warmer weather. Then it hit 98 degrees in Los Angeles and I dragged them out. Sigh.  Not a fan of hot weather OR my arms, so this is a big leap for this curvy girl. What drew me to these? First off the price, then the color and print options, and finally the thick straps and fuller coverage.


How fun are these two colors together?


I love the way the "Hi-Lo Swing Tank" is a bit roomy, especially around the belly/hip area. Instead of saying on the tag: "We are going to cover your big gut," they call it a "swing" tank. LOL!  This color is Squash in a Medium.




I thought this one was cute with "Slow your roll" printed on the Heather Grey Tank.


And these babies will help me slowly roll into warmer weather so it's a win-win for not too much money spent. I love that. Check out Old Navy, they have great staple pieces. Make it a great one gang!

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Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photographer