How to: Wear a Cape and not look like your going to fly away!

I hope you all enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday with food, family and shopping. Hopefully a little to much food, because you deserve to treat yourself. And of course, a good dose of family is good for the soul, and hopefully you did most of your shopping for Christmas or Hanukkah. If you ate a little to much, this next post may help you out a about covering up in a cape? Yes, a cape. Keeps you warm, stylish, and if you have the right fit....flattering. Let's see ~


This asymmetrical one is my favorite, with the crew neck and light weight. It's not overwhelming on my "vertically challenged" frame and easy to pair with many colors. This exact one is sold out so I found you a similar one from Ann Taylor in the link below. I love the Burgundy Skinny Jeans with these cute Loafers for my first look. This is my favorite of the three look's since it let's my inner prepster out!  Pointy toe's and ankle's showing, give it a relaxed yet pulled together look for warmer weather. 


I buy some of my basics from Old Navy, like this striped long sleeve shirt with a crew neck. I LOVE CREW NECKS!! As you get older it hides break-out's and wrinkles that are beginning to appear. OK let's also say what I really hides the girl's. I tried black Booties with the outfit and didn't care for it as much on me. 


This is the way that I will actually wear the Cape the most....with boot's. I love these Naturalizer, Jenelle High Boot with wide calves, so much I have them in Brown and Black. I wear little short socks under these Boots and tuck the end's of the jeans in them to hold in place.  Even if it's super cold out, (This is Los Angeles, let's be real) I don't wear long socks over the jeans inside the boot's as I don't want the boots to appear to tight. That would be way to much stuffed into that poor boot. 

I know that when your curvy you really want to cover up, but look at the difference between the un-tucked, and tucked, looks. Look how much slimmer tucking in makes me appear. I'm not saying that I wont throw that cape on and un-tuck that puppy after a big meal....but tucking can be our friend. I promise!


Although I love the ruffled edge and big cowl neck...this one is waaaayyyy to big for this 4"11 gal. If there was ever an overwhelming moment, this is it! 

For my taller friends this one on the right is perfect for you. Shop away tall girls. But if your on the small side go with the one on the the left. And remember to interject a little color in your wardrobe for the Holidays. Be brave. A dark Burgundy is a good option if you have larger leg's like myself. Okay tall's and small's shop the look above and have a wonderful week. 

Thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photography