Camo Pants, Pemplum Top and Pushin' The Girls Up!

Happy Wednesday! Thought I would start off hump day with me holding my boobs. Why?...I have no idea. I tend to do this sometimes  Push um' up girl. Anyway, I am all about camo pants today. They are all kinds of fun and comfort. Let's go recruites: 

Nordstrom Rack is killing it with these babies. They are thick and yet light enough for me to wear in the heat. Cropped for us little mighty ones, although you see how cropped they really are on me??? Pants, Similar pants  

August 1st pics 020.JPG

Camo pant's with pink is all kinds of girly fun. I always wear the thicker belt and tuck my more fitted T in behind it. Now I don't look so shleppy. (Yep it's a word!) T-shirt / Shirt / Vans

August 1st pics 024.JPG

Dressing up camo a bit? Why not! Let's do a white peplum top or similar top here with white flip flops, shall we? Why does this peplum top work? The pants are slim fitting allowing the shirt to be more loose and free flowing. I rolled up the bottom of the pants to show my ankle which then narrows your leg out.

August 1st pics 029.JPG

NOT GREAT! Ok, so we all agree that peplum tops are not waist definers..correct? Then, when you add a boxy skirt, that hit's at the's all kinds of body/outfit wrong. A pencil skirt maybe, or a much shorter and more fitted skirt would work better.

August 1st pics 031.JPG

Yes, I love a good arrow pointing at my "not so great" outfit! Remember....Peplum tops are amazingly cute, we just have to work with them a bit. Hold your head high, hike up the girls, and rock that Camo and peplum baby! 

Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki

Pics by Jill M