Stress Eating and Working-out!

We made it! The Holidays were so awesome this year. We had so much fun with family and friends....but now it's all over and we start it all over again. As most of you know, I love to work-out. I am one of those rare breeds who can't let 3 days go by without getting a good sweat the gym people! (Let's try to keep this clean...try) My oldest moved out over the weekend and even though my hubby and I are extremely excited for him (and he's 6 miles away)......we are sad also. I went into his empty room and cried (Yes, I was holding paint swatches and Pottery Barn pics) but still. So I went to the gym and ran my little (very cushioned) rear end off. It soooo helped. That night I ate a bag of chips. Don't judge. They were Hickory Smoked BBQ Ruffles....finger likin' good. So there you have it, dissect away....I eat salt when I am upset (not a Chocolate fan, sorry). So to re-cap: I workout to feel great and then sooth my bad or uncomfortable feelings with food. #Honesty

So today I bring you an adorable outfit to wear to the gym, and then out for running errands and maybe Brunch afterwards? (See the patern?)


These ASICS GEL-Contend 4 Women's Running Shoes are so comfortable and have a large toe area for those of us fighting the "Bunion Monster. "They have a gel sole and are light weight. This Nike v-neck keeps me covered although it's a little long on me, so I tend to bunch it up around my belly without even realizing it. And there is a plethera of colors to pick from. Covers the girl's and the upper arm's. Yay! 


Because we all stand in the park and excercise while someone is shooting us! 

IMG_0250 (7).JPG

This is literally what I wear for hours after the gym. Although I wear a cap, see below. This asymmetrical long sleeve top is cute, comfortable, easy to wash and under $40. Win, Win, Win. It's a nice change from a regular zip-up Jacket. Wayyyy cuter! I wear a hat to the gym always, and since one of my very stylish friend's (Hi Allie) bought me a cute Cap, that's almost all I wear now. They're a nod to the military style hat, but the camo has turned into sweat wicking material. #bestfriend


Here it jam!! This is called "Cork about Town!" Hope your enjoying my opening up a bit more? Some of you had asked for some "open crazy" along with fashion...OK sounds fun. I'm in.

Have a great rest of your short week gang ~ Thanks for stopping by ~

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Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photography