The Kitchen Reveal!

We have lived in this home for 13 years and before we purchased it, it was a rental. When we moved in there was orange hand painted tile, sounds kind of cool but it was B A D. Cabinets were all dark dated wood with old handles and a brown tile floor. We are do-it-yourself'ers  so we re-faced the cabinets, put in wood floors and re-tiled the counters in a brown with blue accent tiles that we found on sale. It was shabby chic meets Starbucks, see the dark mocha walls!? Fast forward 13 years and the grout was coming out, tiles chipping, doors not properly was time.....



Sorry about the mess, I grabbed the camera as we were packing up the kitchen so I didn't have time to style it and make it look half way decent!


All appliances used to be white so there was just a wall of white for many years.


My hubby made this cabinet for the kitchen on the opposite wall from the cook top. It held our microwave, some pots and pans and doubled as a coffee bar.


We acted as the contractors for the re-model. The crew: Hubby, 2 boys, 3 dogs and myself covered the floors to save them and tore apart the kitchen. Not as easy as it sounds because you have to be careful of water and electrical!


One of my most favorite parts was giving away 6 boxes of accumulated crap. Stuff I have not used in the last year......gone! Do you see it there in the background??


Took it all down to the studs then drywall and mud. Why is my old window covering still up through this whole process?? I have no idea!


From bare walls to.......


We hired a company to do the cabinets and took two day's for them to get all this installed!


And then the hubby and I tiled the glass back-splash our selves...that was a lot of work and lots of ache's and pain's. To get to the corner's I would crawl onto the counter and sit under the top cabinet to tile and grout.


I thought this little alcove would break up the wall of white cabinets.

 ~ AFTER ~ 


There is my little Coffee & Tea station :)


I wanted a small table and limited seating for the kitchen so there would be more work space. Only 1 or 2 of us eat in the kitchen at a time, for our family meals we eat in the dinning room. Hubby found these great Wood Folding Chairs at the Goodwill and re-finished them to match the wood floors. We have 6 of them for parties, but no, 6 people cannot sit around this little tinny table. HA!


I hunted and looked all over for something colorful, fun and whimsical....I thought this was so perfect! Birds On A Wire Painting


Since my dad is a carpenter I asked him to make us a special cabinet for all my appliances. I wanted them hidden! If you have a Kitchen Aid Mix Master you know how heavy it is, so he made a pull out shelf for it and its plugged in ~ ready to mix!  (I have to cover the cord) Thanks G-pa, we love it!


If you notice the pillow and curtain match! I made them....See my post here on how to make the window covering. #Easy

And there you have it, our before and after complete kitchen make-over! It was a ton of work but we love it and we have the satisfaction of knowing we did most of it ourselves. (We also have sore necks, backs, finger cuts....yada yada! I may never eat another granola bar again - You live off of those when you can't cook). It took us 6 weeks from start to finish and of course we are still adding little things. Kids/Guest Bathroom is next....maybe in a year?! Let me recover first :) 

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