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Thanks for stopping by for the first... Fit Fun Friday! I'm so excited your here to get a little sweat on...or just be entertained. As with any exercise, please check with your doctor first.  Lets get started.... If you do not have a weight, use a basketball, weighted ball, leg weights....or nothing at all! Let's go ~ 


Right leg up, hands in front with weight or no weight


Right leg kicks back behind left leg like your curtsying. Twist your torso, (engaging your abs) and beginners stop here. (Don't go any lower)


Intermediate to Advanced curtsy lower and bring that weight, or your hands, low to the ground.


Everyone begin to swing the arms up and over to the right and come out of your curtsy.....


Hands begin to go up and over your head in a fluid motion


Making a big circle with your arms....


Lifting the left leg...we are headed to the other side


Take left leg and begin to go into your curtsy with hands out in front, beginners stop here.


Intermediate to Advanced sink into that curtsy and hands go low.


Now reverse it and do it again....that's 1! 

Once you get the hang of it you just keep moving from side to side in a continues motion. Remember to breath! 

Beginners: Take it slow, don't go to deep into the curtsy. Maybe no weights but hands out front. Maybe 4 then a break. Then another 4???

Intermediate: Try a weight, speed it up a bit. Maybe 4 slow then 4 faster??

Advanced: Try it super fast with no weight ....then add weights. Maybe 4 slow then 8 fast??



You guys rock! Love the enthusiasm. You get a big high five just for stopping by and a fist pump and high five If you tried the move. Remember to check with your doctor first.

I hope your sore!! I love to be sore!! Have a great weekend ~

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Pics by ~ Wendy S Photography